The United States of America, the beacon and defender of world democracy suddenly is a subject of ridicule in many platforms. Its core institutions and values are now undermined by tweets and outrageous attacks from highest offices of American power. Dictators elsewhere might be taking notes on how to attack a free press, how to undermine own Attorney General and out rightly how to interfere in judicial processes- all these are hallmarks of despots, not the mighty USA.
But technology has narrowed the field. Even the poorest and most oppressed regimes have no access to the unfolding drama in the United States, where all media houses that do not “praise sing” now are branded fake news. Reporters are publicly humiliated. Unfortunately, it started with reporters- everyone, mostly apologists of the right-wing mentality clapped hands.
Then came the attacks on Former FBI director, humiliated publicly, sort of intimidated about never existent tapes and his crime was not to stop an investigation, every rational believer in rule of law and democracy wants it concluded. But James Comey humiliation saw others rejoice and join in questioning one of the flagship intelligence institutions in USA history.
This week everyone is not rechecking themselves. The question is, has this gone too far. Now it’s the respected Republican Attorney General, accredited for tough immigration, homeland security through tough penalties and many other people wanted the administration to achieve. Today, his own boss has told the world “is beleaguered.”
The USA today mirrors more like a country in crisis that a world leader. Global leadership for now has moved to Germany and co-shared by France. The United Kingdom post snap election, has not only seen the weakening of the Government, but even in the eyes of its not biggest rival the European Union, especially at the negotiating table. Elections, can’t be ruled out in the next 10 months if the British Government could retain some sort of bargaining power on Brexit.
Back to USA, Attorney General Sessions had refused to resign. The Administrations inner circle is being summoned at Capital Hill to answer questions. Essentially, the focus of administration, for the first half a year in office has simply been how to make the Russian questions go away.
Despite declaring to get out of the Paris accord on climate change, USA slowly is losing much of its foreign policy pronouncements with its “money first” approach to international relations and the current political infighting that has consumed the whole of Washington.
The administration has been keen to blame the losing party and witch-hunting intelligence agencies.
But on the other hand, the beneficiary of a long political battle and undermining of USA democracy is the same cause of the crisis Russia. The question is what if Vladimir Putin intended it so. There was no collusion but created an image that would point direction. This would be a counter attack, a master piece hit back of all years USA has been accused of fomenting trouble for Putin using Human Rights card, elections and recently Crimea and Ukraine sanctions. Add that to Edward Snowden.
The pattern is simple, whenever the fire in Washington seems to be dying down, an explosive leak happens. The White House and all intelligence agencies are suspicious of each other being the source of the leak. This is the exact intention of counter intelligence- cause confusion and mislead enemy camp.
Suddenly Russia is free in Crimea, Eastern Ukraine by now inside, Chechnya and its other collections including Afghanistan, Iran and Syria. Nobody is talking of human rights in Russia nor about elections and stifling of opposition. Somewhere after a long investigation, the USA would have lost its clout on international scene, Russia already dictating most of the middle east would be back as a serious rival, China will win the cyber warfare and EU will be busy with Brexit. The current political upheavals in the west only benefit one man- Vladimir Putin. I seriously believe he intended the outcome.

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