Malawians have spoken- The New cabinet, my prediction

I believe in my country and my people. Their choice of leaders is endorsed by God and that hand annointed President Bingu wa Mutharika to continue for the next five years. What does the margin of 2.7 milli0n say. Check my last blog, 1.5 million are new voters and Bingu and his DPP excited them, both in style and content. In big screens. moving coaches, hummer and a riot of blue DPP vehicles. Enough baseball caps, t shirts as Wakuda Kamanga would say, it will be too blue for all to see. But Bingu had issues for the youth: K2 billion youth fund, which young voter would vote for an alliance whose primary agenda was to remove the President. I look forward to his cabinet of merit. He has six professors and a hordes of PHD holders. This was an election of merit. My thoughts today wonder around who could make it into cabinet:
looking what Bingu has, I would have restricted my cabinet to around 30 and this would have been my choice. Lets debate this, improve it and those who know those better qualified please make substitutions, it will be nice to check on merit. Note some two professors are missing Chirambo ndi Donton! pa ma dokotala nawonso siwonse. What are the implications of having two Mutharikas as head of Governments- executive and legislature. Prof. is a high distingushed legal man, should we punish him coz he is a Mutharika. Let us go into merits and demerits:

President Bingu wa Mutharika (and Minister of Defence)(Thyolo)
Vice President and Minister of Women Affairs: Rt. Hon Joyce Banda (Zomba)
Minister of Finance: Goodall Gondwe (Mzimba)
Minister of Agriculture and Livestock: Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza (Thyolo)
Minister Foreign Affairs: Dr. George Chaponda (Mulanje)
Minister of Health: Dr. Jean Kalilani (Dowa)
Minister of Education: Professor Peter Mwanza (Mzuzu)
Minister of Justice: Prof. Peter Mutharika (Or Next Speaker of Parliament)
Minister of Lands and Housing: Vuwa Kaunda (Nkhatabay)
Minister of Transport: Henry Chimunthu Banda (Nkhota kota)
Minister of Trade: Dr. Cornelius Mwalwanda (Karonga)
Minister of Information: Dr. Ken Lipenga(Phalombe)
Minister of Water Development: Grain Malunga (Chikwawa)
Minister of Economic Planning: Ted Salule Masangwi (Zomba)
Minister of Tourism and Culture: Eunice Kazembe (Chiradzulu)
Minister of Local Government: Henry Phoya (OR next speaker of parliament) (Blantyre)
Minister of Energy and Mining: Daniel Liwimbi (Nkhotakota)
Minister of Home Affairs:Benjamini Mmangira (Salima)
Ministry of Children, Social and Community Affairs: Agness Penemulungu (Lilongwe)
Minister of Youth: Lucius Kanyumba (Ntcheu)
Minister of State (special duties): Sidik Mia (Chikwawa)
Minister of State (statutory corporations): Khumbo Kachali (Mzimba)


Information: Nicholas Dausi (Mwanza)
Women Affairs: Catherine Gotani Hara (Mzimba)
Finance: Vera Faremenga (Nsanje)
Health: Professor Eta Banda (Nkhatabay)
Agriculture: Narsin Pillane (Balaka)
Transport: Austin Mkandawire (Rumphi)
Trade: Hyacinta Chikaonda (Dedza)
Education: Jermoth Chilapondwa (Ntchisi)
Lands and Housing: Ken Kandodo (Kasungu)
Water Development: Ralph Jooma (Mangochi)

Attonery General: Justice Dr. Jane Ansah

Speaker of Parliament: Professor Peter Mutharika/ Henry Phoya
Deputy Speaker: Delia Kankhwani (Salima)
Second Deputy Speaker( opposition or independent MP)
Pang'ono ndi pang'ono ndi pang'ono eya. tiyendeeeee!!
Let GOD be supreme in the next five years of our political life. I will be contesting in 2014 as member of parliament.


steven kk said…
Thanks very much for your writings.They add flavour to my reasoning though sometimes we differ.On this one i give you 80% mark.
Carry on writing on both the plus and minus of this well represented government.
As for the opposition they have just harvested what the sowed for the past four years.They know they tried to plant impeachment,section 65 and blackouts and here they are,licking their wounds with their tails in between their legs.
Chivwiko Jeyeka said…
Thats right, good you think Patricia Kaliati will be left out...I hear she brings some humour in cabinet meetings and can calm tensions at times. Any choices from the opposition...
Chivwiko Jeyeka said…
Thats right, good you think Patricia Kaliati will be left out...I hear she brings some humour in cabinet meetings and can calm tensions at times. Any choices from the opposition...
Bennett Kankuzi said…
Will my good akweni miss the cabinet? What about those 'wounded soldiers' like Kunsaira and Jaffali? Should they be dumped because they lost? In my opinion, Kunsaira and Jaffali worked tirelessly for DPP to make inroads in the Central and Eastern regions respectively. These 'sacrificial lambs' should not be forgotten. But will this be merit?
Thanks for your cabinet prediction. Everything looks in line with my expectation as well except that I think
- Daniel Liwimbi - Minister of Trade
- Dr Cornelius Mwalwanda - Minister of Economic Planning
- Henry Mussa - Minister of Transport.
- Henry Chimunthu Banda - Minister of Energy & Mining.
While I think Kaliati will be deputy for information. Am sticking with Chimunthu Banda on Energy & Mining considering that there are certain projects which are still in the pipeline, I think he has done a good job in this area. As for JZU I can't understand the man, I think his ego is killing him.
Anonymous said…
I think the prediction is not close to being right. I see Bingu's priority being consololidating the center base and more ministers coming from there
oh what a contrast! try again next time

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