Are our leaders peverts? The story of a raped DRC woman!

Are African leaders peverts? This is a question that I have failed to come up with an answer and I hope as many as followers of this page would try to give me their verdits. This question has lingered on my mind since US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially the war torn zone of Goma. She met women who were victims of rape and one woman had a chilling story. She said: " I am HIV positive I asked them to start raping my garls and finish with me. They did not listen they raped me and later my four garls. They raped us two times each the six of them. I am afraid my girls are infected. They should just have killed us.
Just a month ago the African leaders in their wicked wisdom resolved not to recognise the Interntional Criminal Court if it pursued the warrant of arrest against Sudanese president General Al Bashir. I felt sick.
I was involved in what was known as International Peace Carvan into Southern Sudan and then onyl aged 19 I heard horrific stories from people who had lived in Nuba mountains. We are were still trying to arrange for Northern Uganda and Darfur to go and speak to the young people.
I have been to several conflict zones. I have tried to go to Goma they have refused me. I intend to apply for a volunteer post at least for a year.
A visit to Kigalis genocide museum will greet one with total darkness and human cruetly of great magnitude. The weak cry at the sight of dozens of human skulls that are displayed there some of it of very young children. Innocent ones killed by fellow people.
Now, the stories from Darfur are chilling, but the woman from DRC spoke on behalf of Somalis' Eritrians and many oppressed African women and children. Many who have died from the conflicts that were started by greedy African leaders.
The voice of the woman on BBC is a voice that would chill any sensible human being.
Unless our leaders are peverts, they cannot wish away the need for justice to take its course. People in Darfur, Goma, Mogadishu and so many places wait for justice systems to heal the pain though it cannot remove the scar inflicted by ruthless men.
There is enough pain already in Africa. That is why President of Botswana Ian Sereste Khama can walk tall even if he is the sole voice of reason. Today no African leader except for Khama, has distanced himself of this pervesion of of shielding rapists and murders. At least I still think of them as thieves, robbers, peverts and crooks who want this woman to die and her killers never to face justice!! Shame on our peverts who celebrate misery!!!


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