The Ghaddafi UN comedy, witchcraft and reality

I decided to take a break from my own blog after some scares- dont ask me- on one expressing his freedom of speech. In reality it is never there, someone who think you are talking of them can create problems for you. But at least I am back and in West Affrica trying to make sense of Lagos, Abuja. Accra and Freetown in two weeks. So help me God.

As I prepared to leave Malawi, there was plenty to write about, Big Brother- the reality show that has been changed for the worse, whether Malawi representative in the house should be smoking on TV and many other issues.

Of course there was a scare on swine flu, some political comedy from Malawi Congress Party which is now of course in the news and the death of several characters who made news for some of us. Yes Inkosi ya Makosi and T/A Chimaliro of Thyolo and old freind Ishmael Chafukira whose death is now talk of the town and getting the whole country into witchcraft debate.
But I want to start with the Brother Leader Ghaddafu who seem is hell bent to drag Africa backwards. That is the price of over staying in power and getting old believing you are still in the World of the 60's.
I know some people believe colonialism not irresponsible leadership should be blamed for our poverty. Ghaddafi still seems to have joined the Indonesian Hugo Chavez dream that communism will one day return, while China and Russia seem to have adopted a new approach to their own systems while their followers are behind strill in Cold war era.
Mummuar Ghaddafi was rejected by the fellow Arabs and he lost clout in the late 1990's when he could not influenced the Maghreb Union. Even Egyptians, Tunisians, Morrocans and Algerians do not want him to influence their peoples at local level.
Since had the oil dollars he used them to buy himself freinds in poor sub saharan area and eventualy pushed his agenda to unite Africa with him as a President for a new USA. He hides behind pan Africanism when he is busy discriminating and torturing black skinned Libyans and those that come from West Africa in Tripoli.
At the peak of the transformation of the Organisation of African Unity to African Union which was done in a hurry at his influence, only two African presidents could stand against him to slow down things- they were Nigeria's Olusegan Obasanjo and South Africa's Thabo Mbeki who were advocating for an open and more democratic Africa.
Egypt, Ghana and Mali did not want event to attend to many of Ghaddaffi sponsored meetings mainly held in Tripoli or Sirte. I attended my first at last in summer 2001 on the role of Youth which ended up like another pro-socialist rally denouncing USA and the west for days. I opted for a toursim programme throughout my stay in Tripoli.
Ghaddafi wanted African Security Council, Parliament and Commission to be based in Libya and he met resistance and the Parliament went to South Africa, the Commission remained in Addis Ababa.
Just months ago he pushed to change the Commission to become the Authority with sweepign powers, he got the name change but not the powers. Too bad for him, many African states have democratised and Africans have voted for new leaders with better credentials.
Today you havew lawyers, renonwed economists and even career diplomats being presidents across Africa. New leaders like Botswana's Ian Khama, Malawi's Bingu wa Mutharika, Tanzania's Jikaya Kikwete, Kenya's Raila Odinga, Ghana's Atta Mills and even the new Bongo in Gabon cannot be pushed by Ghadaffi.
That is why when he asked the AU to reject the authority of the International Criminal Court, many countries dissassociated themselves from him. Ghadafi does not realise that we no longer need a godfather or fathers for Africa.
The liberation struggle was won with Namibia being the last State. Malaysia and others were poor as Africa, obsession with the past is what has ruined Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe.
Therefore when Ghadafi stood at the UN podium and tried to make headlines line Iran President or Venezualan Hugo Chavez, he might have been perfoming as a comedian not a leader or voice of Africa. The new Africa of success, an Africa which knows its root of problems and has keen energetic and visonary leaders who are taking it to prosperity.
The Ghadafi UN commedy was to his own benefit not even the Libyan people, he is a tired old man still living in the 60's while Africa has changed. It is no longer World powers play ground, that is why we can choose the Chinese and the West without anyone telling us anything.
Malawi is today a food self sufficient nation without any western or chinese money. Mozambique is on the path to recovery, South Africa will host the World Cup, even Africa Musicians are making it big just as footballers.
No Ghadafi is lost in his dreams. He can say anything he wants while he defends the murders in Sudan's Darfur beacuse they are killing black skinned Sudanese just like he tortures them in Tripoli. No he is not the consience of Africa.
He is perfoming the last act of Africa of the past alongside Robert Mugabe, King Mswati, Yaya Jammeh, Hassan Al Bashir and others who are the last dictators on this continent.
Finally just like Ghadafi, those who believe in witchcraft make sure they push their own thoughts. How can we speculate who has killed Ishamale Chafukira when we profess to be a God fearing nation!!!


Chamudemba said…
Hi Kondowani,
This is Kemo Cham,remember the guy from Gambia? We met in SOuth Africa on the COP 3 conference.
This is actually not to comment on this write. It is to get in touch with you once again. I quite dont think i have your email and I'd like to have it, cos I think there is a lot I learn from you.
I am very much impressed by your blog. As a matter of fact, I have one... and I think I can learn a lot from you in this regard. My blog is
my email addresses are
I hope to hearing from you.
I for once agree with you. Even many South East Asian nations were once colonies and they went past that and look at them now. This is why liberation leaders are never good at bringing development because they still think of the past. And they feel entitled to rule because they fought for independence. Now look at liberation parties like ZANU PF, KANU in Kenya, UNIP in Zambia, MCP in Malawi and many more. For those liberation parties, those that are as old as Ghddaffi's years in power they are difficult and dictatorial. As for Gaddaffi he is just another dinosaur that should be conscripted to the past. At a serious forum like that why on earth should he waste people time talking about jet lag, waking up at 4am, the assassination of JFK moving the UN headquarters to another country. By the way did you hear him saying he wished Obama ruled America forever? Typically of dictators who think they are the only one created to lead their countries.

Good article Komndwani.

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