Mungomo, Joyce Banda and the quota system

I have been out for long, the reason is that I wanted just to look at what is going around and keep my thoughts to myself. I have enjoyed the two months gone, the new year and I should be able to blog my thoughts quickly.
First things first, congratulations to Bingu my president and Callista Chapola for leading the way by announcing their intentions for Holy Matrimony, hopefully we will find a card for the event and share with many of my freinds here the pictures.
The same congrats to Albert Mungomo for making it to the State House after names flew and gossip damaged peoples lives for the post. I am optimistic that he will be as freindly as he has been before.
My congrats to the DPP too for their victory in Kasiya and the UDF for retaining Machinga South East and hopefully the years to come Malawi will maintain its great democracy of allowing people the freedom to choose.
On quota system out come, I strongly believe time will come when we will realise that we can develop a competitive education system whenever we have strong Universities and that education as a right cannot be denied based on any other condition.
Joyce Banda the elected Vice President found herself under a silent ban on TVM, the matter is over and I believe those that instituted such a ban have learnt a lession on the matter.
Bingu speech in Parliament tackled the issue of exposure of those seeking to divide the party and Government, I feel that was enough warning as it comes from the high office that he does not harbour any ill feelings against his chosen deputy.
Of course yesterday is was great and soothing to see the purpoted competitors Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika sitting close to each other and engaged in a conversation.
This week parliament starts and we you can get an update on and my best wishes to all Malawians in 2010 as we continue developing out only motherland: Malawi!


小小 said…
人類最大的悲劇不是死亡,而是沒有掌握有意義的人生 ..................................................
James Kazembe said…
Bwana, This James Kazembe. I like your blog and gives a lot of insight. Keep ir blazing.
James Kazembe said…
Bwana. Im down for this blog ans the stuff you ve laid down. The pictures are so amazing.

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