The story of democracy, advert ban and Joyce Banda

This morning I used public transport and one of the passengers asked me what I thought of the on going ban against my newspaper- The Nation. I said he should be asking me what I think about democracy. I told this good gentleman who says is a regular visitor to this blog that I believe strongly that democracy truimphs over anything else.
I told him I pray for a stronger democracy and leave to worry about short term decisions to wither themselves. The best examples are Bakili Muluzi era when young democrats pounced on journalists and newpapers got bans left and right.
Within five to ten years, with the end of Bakili Muluzi all the excited persons who wanted to destroy press freedom had nothing to show for it. The newspaper survived because as much as the current politicians would want me believe they dont know, Malawians voted for democracy on June 14, 1993.
Had Malawians chose a different way, none of them could be sure to be in office today.
Democracy the bad news about those that believe they have lasting power, favours the majority and free and thriving press is an intergral part of it. I strongly believe that our democracy, our newspapers will outlast some of these decisions. After four years, we will talk of this as history.
Thats the story of democracy, it outlasts tyrants!
When I wrote something about Professor Peter Mutharika being the president of the republic, I had emails asking me what I thought of other "candidates". My answer is simple am compiling three books and they might be out by May 1, 2010, so just take note and you will find my good analysis on the country's democracy.
I will write about Joyce Banda, her strengths as a potential president and just on the sideline, this is a strong woman and you can underestimate her at your own risk.


steven kk said…
Sad and distressed to hear tht Malawi is slowly turning into a kangaroo republic.
Malawians have a right to choose and by birth they have freedom to read what the want not someone with dirty mind imposing something on them.
A few months ago the same DPP government was relying on the independent papers as they have higher circulation in MALAWI to let Malawians know how Ntafu,Tembo and Bakili were takimg the public for grantedby refusing to pass the budget and insisting on trying to impeach Bingu.
Malawians noted and they did it in style by throwing away all those silly MPs out of parlianment and gave Bingu the numbers so that he shouldnt waste his time apearing on TVM asking the clergy,Chiefs,poor Malawians and the donors on his achievements and what the opposition are doing in the house.
Here he is now and within a yeay he has already forgotten and has started throwing mud at the same people who supported him by trying to kill the Nation which employs Malawians from all parts of the country by denying the paper tax funded adverts.
Am sure that Bingu is aware of this blunder as i recall that sometime back he collected a number of papers and started reading all negative stories which gives me the idea that he reads all what people write in these papers.
Am currently not in MALAWI but i have to warn Bingu to be carefull with whatever he is doing as Malawians are not stupid.2014 is not far and he will live to regret the same way Tembo,Muluzi,BJ,Sitambuli,Ntafu,Mpasu and several others who i cant remember as their names are just part of history.
One other thing am interested to know is why the DPP hasnt had a convention since its inception?I find it strange and abnomal for all the positions to be nominated by the president himself which gives room to creation of bootlickers.I cant be happy to be from Nkhotakota and be a member of DPP AND THE PARTY'S governor there being someone who doesnt have the mandate of the people....
Please put your house inorder...banning nation adverts is the same way repeating what Muluzi was doing when he was in power.....and for you Bingu you went to schoo and there must be a difference in the reasoning of someone who has a handicap in education and a learned man.
You have the numbers now so why are you afraid independent views?
Will come back.......................
機基差差 said…

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