Hail President Bingu wa Mutharika- Father of the Nation

For one thing, I love my country. I love its flag that is why I am really amused by the idea to change it and far more important I love the third stanza of the National Athem. It ends with all beatiful Malawi. Land of Peace, so fair and blessed.
But Monday, 24th May 2010, I found some pride in having the Bingu wa Mutharika as a President. Many people whom I have come across have told me stories of his dreams and aspirations. His frustration when the opposition tried to slow him down. Personally I find the story of how he wrote Mabizinesi Aphindu interesting- mainly at night.
But when he spoke during the opening of Parliament, his dreams many people think are impossible were actually real and for many Malawians I believe they will go down as athe day Malawi turned and became a mature nation.
I have written on having more universities before, I ahve argued they can be source of foreign exchange and more importantly the fields of research and others can bring in massive transformation to the sites and the country as whole.
Bingu spoke as a possed leader rallying his soldiers for battle, only that this time the battle is not a fellow Malawian but hunger, poverty and diseases. He spoke of a vision of a great king, who in a decade and many years to come, his foundation for a changed Malawi will ring forever.
For a moment even the media wanted to join in clap hands, for a moment everybody though our opposition leaders looked silly for not standing up and give the President a standing ovation when he completed.
He said, wether we hate or dont look each other in the eye, we must find a way of living together as Malawians.
“We need to cultivate the spirit of love, understanding, tolerance and accommodation. We must find a modus vivend for all of us to live together under one roof as one people and one nation. Let us agree to work together to develop our beloved country,” Mutharika moved parliament as Archbishop Tarsizius Ziyaye and other religious leaders who witnessed the opening of the budget meeting nodded in agreement.
“We have to move forwards, we must come out of the past. We cannot live in the past permanently. The past belongs to history. There is no room in Malawi for politics of hatred. There is no room in Malawi for politics of vengeance or retribution,” said a calm looking Mutharika.
He said Malawians need to speak with one voice on issues of national development irrespective of different political, social and religious ideologies saying the World was watching Malawi to see if it can sustain its achievements.
We cannot live in the past Mr. President. I salute you for being a statesman and bringing in new voice to our battle ridden politics.
Of course, in the past we sowed seeds of hatred, of vengeance and retributions, perhaps this is the right times for some of the following things to happen:
1. Some of you advisers and Ministers need to learn to speak about other Malawians as human beings with different opinion.
2. Drop Chilumpha, Muluzi and even appeals on Makande and Kamlepo, they look more like skeletons from the past than of the new Malawin you have just created.
3.Remove advertising ban on independent media, including the Nation.
4. Pardon people like Sam Mpasu who fought for our democracy
5.Let Joyce Banda be treated like a Vice President in all State Media
These are some of the skeletons that we have come with from the past. I want to see all Malawians smile, share the common vision you have defined today and proudly even at every opportunity remember you as a greatest statesman who ever ruled Malawi.
When all is said and done, walking the talk is what remains, as my President starts this new jounery, we will be there to support him, point shortfalls that need improving and together find room that we can all work together.
Akweni Patricia Kaliati as she started TIYENDE PAMODZI NDI NTIMA UMODZI,
it will be one heart, one love and one Nation.
Hail President Bingu wa Mutharika
May God richly bless your reign that a free, democratic and prosperous Malawi shall in the next generation remember you always.
I am proud to have you as my President!


steven kk said…
Wished if this Bingu had seen this article Kondwani.
You are right am at pains to see how Mutghalika 's subjects are treating Joyce Banda the VP.
It's Bingu who picked her as a VP and he shouldnt allow other people to make her job tough for their own selfish reasons.
I know Bingu's government has lots of problems but i wish if they can be able to provide portable water to all the poor Malawians who are sharing drinking wells with animals as noted by one Goodal Gondwe in two years time...i know he can.
The other thing is increasing the number of school blocks in rural areas as i didnt like the idea of teaching under a tree throughout the year i worked as a teacher...and its really tough especiall during summer and rainy seasons...
Please Mr President try to do something instead of your subjects fighting JZU and the VP.
I will be very happy to see deeds not just words...
This is your chance to be the greatest statesman to ever rule Malawi if you stop copying MCP and UDF political tactics....

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