Malawi Politics: Joyce Banda and posterity

A day in politics, they claim is too long. Just last Friday, President Bingu wa Mutharika shook hands and smiled at Joyce Banda his number two in the party and Government. Somewhere some party officials were meeting and confirming the expulsion of Joyce Banda from the party.
Come Saturday, Joyce Banda knews, so too Khumbo Kachali that the meeting would discuss their fate and they were duly admitted into the meeting. The loudmouths of the DPP Governing Council, we are told, started with so many materials but the hits was when Youth Minister Lucius Kanyumba rose to speak. He delivered the matter of the day.
I personally know Kanyumba from a long history we share. I have travelled with him in many places as a youth worker. I would not pass judgement on this particular matter on why it had to be a "youth" being asked to perpetuate a fight of two elephants.
I know youth in Malawi, due to short sightdness or easy promise of good life- they have at times made hasty decisions and inscribed their names on some of the greatest political mistakes Malawi has experienced.
The scenario is similar to many events during the era of the one party rule of the Late Hastings Kamuzu Banda.
During the MCP regime, one would stand up and make accusations, another would add and they members would be expelled or fired. If they were lucky they would survive the other readily punishment. That is a hastly convened Kwacha Court where they would be sentenced to death.
Unfortunately it would not matter, which position you were. Orton Ching'oli Chirwa- the first Malawi lawyer, the founder of Malawi Congress Party, was never spared. His wife, Vera, the first Central African woman lawyer suffered the same consequences.
It did matter how high you were.
Political zealots managed to get youthgul Aleke Banda to move a motion giving Kamuzu Banda life Presidency. Within a year or two, he was banished to his home in Nkhatabay.
The other mighty ones that would fall, would include the powerful Secretary General of MCP Albert Muwalo Nqumayo, Notorious head of Special Branch Focus Gwede, the Secretary to the President John Ngwiri among others.
The meek and stupid followers like Watson Deleza, late Charled Kamphulusa, Mayi Hilda Manjankhosi, Mayi Dinala and Robson Wataya Changa Chirwa would survive the party, the president and the powers that be.
Posterity however vindicated those that were just and honest. Posterity is the most powerful element in human history as it tells the truth from lies. Greed from reall public interest.
Jump to Bakili Muluzi's era, after the death of all UDF strong men in the likes of Alufeyo Chilibvumbo, Colin Chizumila, Edward Bwanali, Wenham Nakanga and Shaibu Itimu, lies and concotions played a party in dismissals of people like Brown Mpinganjira, Peter Chupa and Cassim Chilumpha.
Mpinganjira, told parliament on 18th December 2001, that he was "accused of being ambitious" that he wanted to run for presidency. Ambition is not allowed in politics- especially in Africa. In other worrds, you must wake up and follow the tune.
Vice President Justin Malewezi went into an ordeal of insults about his illness, his veichles withdrawn and later was almost pushed out of any confort. Posterity has judged him well. His tormentors now suffer the consequences of their laughter.
Cassim Chilumpha has a treason casee, he is the first Vice President to use the police black maria, be bangled in a cell of a common criminal. Seven years later he is still in parliament and fighting off treason charges.
Some of the most vocal Ministers like Patricia Kaliati and Khumbo Kachali, today languish outside the confort.
Today, it is Joyce Banda, one woman who could not mince words in defence of Bingu. I recall the day she would start a press conference "a Nation muzinva osati mukalembe zomwe akutumani" Today The Nation is her plaform to express the pain inflicated by her tomermentors.
Finally, we sit again on the political fence, wondering what next will come out of this latest political fiasco.
The Vice President fired from the ruling party, warned not to dare to form a party and now basically reduced to a side show. Probably an impeachment following!
The question is very simple, how will posterity judge us when we indulge in politics of half truths. Unfortunately most of our politicians profess to be Christians and ardent Muslims.
Only God and posterity will vindicate our decisions and positions today. Joyce Banda's past has caught up with her today, Kaliati is in the same boat, their future will be defined by what they play from now. Peoples politics or individualistic politics.
For the remaining in DPP, loyalty is the word for survival! Recalling the four cornerstones ; UNITY, LOYALTY, OBDIENCE AND DISCIPLINE would really help. Why not make them DPP principles as well!


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