Thotho: A Political condom?

There is a strong opinion, that President Bingu wa Mutharika does not keep freinds. He has nearly discharged all officers, politicians and even staffers that started him with the Presidency journey in 2005. A year after winning the Presidency under the UDF ticket.
But at a close glance, most people that have been fired or removed, rarely do they generate sympathy from the public. In most cases, people smile and shout loudly 'good riddance'. I know several who drunk to the firing of Patricia Kaliati, while many in parliament were happy with the downfall of Khumbo Kachali.
How many weeped for Ken Zikhale Ng'oma? I bet none, he had become as pompous that he was labelled as Prime Minister, the same happened with Gwanda Chakuamba, Uladi Mussa and many others that cannot be mentioned here.
Humility has not been part of politicians in Malawi, that when they fall, they fall harder and the leave the public smiling.
I recalled this last night after hearing the firing of Leckford Thotho Mwanza, the man who made to a suprise post of Government spokesperson in 2009. I am told he was a humble man before being a Minister.
Mwanza Thotho as I would learn had stayed for a long time in Kasungu working for Press Agriculture and that he had become quite a successful farmer. I was informed that in his constituency, he had started implementing very good development projects. Unfortunately, I have not visited Msakambewa, my good source of pork for the past two years. I will make time in 2011.
But thats all the goodness of Thotho and the public. Fired as a Minister, but he leaves the offices a very unpopular man. He presented the flag amendment bill, fought the media percieved to be against the change of the National Flag.
Personally, there was an experience.
A very credible source gave me two documents indicating that cargo from a Turkish company had arrived through Kamuzu International Airport. Inside the cartons were the new flags that were yet to be debated in parliament.
I spoke to Thotho as Government spokesperson, he knows the truth of the conversation between him and me. The challenge of Totho was to defend a very unpopular programme. Today he must feel used.
But does politicians have any sense of posterity. No, as long as it serves their daily meal, fuel and privilage, the would defend anything and regret later.
Politically Thotho had his own battles, most parliamentarians in DPP today are very unpopular against the party machineray. The Dowa South East bye-election was Thotho against the DPP in Central Region.
Today, for the rumour mongers, Thotho has been fired as he is alleged to have whispered to someone that he will be DPP vice president. Another one is that he messed up at defence.
The truth is the Thotho goes up the same way he went up. It is a fast one for him, shocking and a very big suprise. But his future in politics and ability to return to cabinet is almost zero.
Finally, there is a a famous story of a POLITICAL CONDOM. Then MCP President Gwanda Chakuamba accused John Tembo of trying to use him like a political condom. He argued that he was picked as MCP Secretary General and later as Kamuzu's deputy to improve the dent of the image of a tattered party in 1994 General Elections.
After, he was used, according to his theory of a political condom, he was supposed to be dumped and Tembo ascend to the Presidency. He shouted at a rally in Blantyre= Tell John TEMBO I am not a political condom!
The story now looks very familiar to the many tales of those who were up there, too arrogant and too stuborn to listen to the public. That warming some of these positions might make you feel like a POLITICAL CONDOM! Happy NEW YEAR 2011!


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