Blessed Holidays

Happy Christmas and have a blessed Holiday. There many praying today, actually more people in the World believe than non believers. A Gallop Poll years back found that almost 90 percent of Americans believe in existence of God.
We have come from a tribulent past, we are now working towards a new beginning.
Let all of us reflect our personal contribution towards changing the society we live in and improve more.
From this blog, starting January 1, 2011, there will be more added and as one Freelancer Journalist told me, offer free news more as it happens in Malawi.
I expect to publish at least a book in 2012 and we can read and share more as we debate to shaoe our own destiny.
You are all part of my history by visiting this page, and I wish you happy and blessed Holidays.
For those in pain, let the healing hand of the Almighty touch you.
I love you all


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