I am greetings of New Year to our politicians! Happy New Year the blogs is back!

Well its that time we wish each other  a happy new year. Of course we have all the excess baggage in our political systems that we seem to have crossed over. From now on, the blog is back full time with timely news updates beginning John Chilembwe's day. Of course the challenge will be not to be seen to be biased with current occupation, but as they say, a Journalist is a Journalist, whatelse can one do but write and write.
It is has been an eventiful year, propaganda year and of course gossip. Some official and some not, some politicians- if at all are politicians trying to recreate a scene Malawians would not want to be reminded of.
But my pick for the New Year greetings are to the "Baby Atupele Muluzi" who is still trying to charter a political world without his poweful political and biological father, 'Atcheya' the influential mixer of politics and money. Today you cant be a politician without money and expect even to be elected a councillor, people want money money and money.
By the way this 'official gossiper politician' thinks by talking and creating lies he will make money. I pray that in 2013 he will mature, look for a constituency and for the first time be elected. Only tried and elected politicians are worth listening to in this year.
Atupele might have the momentum of the young, but he needs to articulate the difference between him and other politicians. To me, he missed an opportunity to be own man when the UDF convention failed to have the participation of the Jumbe camp. With Jumbe camp absent everyone those again he had been stage manged to the top, a bad record for a young politician playing to be "Mr Clean" in polluted political game.
The second pick of the year of course is the ruling Peoples Party. Here one question only, is the party working towards winning 2014 or trying to work hard to return to opposition? The party needs all its energy and all its people, I mean that team that worked without fear, gossip or love of money and tortured the Late Professor Bingu wa Mutharika. The whole Government machinery was trying to make head an tail of the Peoples Party run in opposition. To me if you ask me today, President Joyce Banda has 60 percent of the electoral votes especially in rural areas and based on the fact of the presumptive candidates for Malawi Congress Party being John Tembo, Peter Mutharika for Democratic Progressive Party and Atupele Muluzi being for the United Democratic Front.
In the next writing, I will give each candidate a percentage and reasons why they would only amass a particular number of votes in each region and why Joyce Banda would win. However the win can only be a reality if the party works hard to mantain its vision, oneness and that persoal touch of a mother that attracted many to the PP.
As we say, "kukhala mzimayi sichifukwa", I believe even after 2024 when JB will retire from the Malawi Presidency, we can all stand up and launch a campaign as a Nation proud of its mothers to have her be the First woman Secretary General of the United Nations. Thats how much I believe about JBs potential, she is a Malawian mother who has broken barriers. Dont let her take the path of failed politicians by giving wrong information for personal gains.
Finally 'I am greetings to Professor Peter Mutharika" in the United States. I am still waiting for the White House photo with President Obama. Did I hear Honourable Nicholas Dausi claim that you also taught Obama at Harvard Law School? I have searched www.havard.edu but doesnt seem to have a record of such nature.
Anyway, I am sure the Professor has been to the White House before, but creating cheap impressions about such a learned man as others have desperately done is belittling his intelligence. Even the State House in Nigeria could not hide his brothers visit when people almost burned my fingers for writing that Late Bingu has sneaked out of the country.
Let us be careful how we handle the public, otherwise simple lies erode peoples confidence in us.
Finally to man claiming to be man of the moment 'John Kapito'
I wish I was in mainstream Journalism, we could have spoken to John, my good friend John on governance and accountability. About Cordaid, hey about the highest staff returns we have and about the floatation of the kwacha which he wants to make believe is the worst thing ever to happen to Malawi.
But since John is not telling nor accepting dialogue and people like Vioce Mhone say they support them, not as a Journalist or anything else but a Malawian, one simple question to John? If we fix the Kwacha, what happens next?
This is a country with abundant trees but we still import toothpicks?
This is country which collects 1993 models and call them "brand new second hand but you are the first user"
Oldest tyres and fridges dumped elsewhere are "brand new second hand" here.
Come on John Kapito, I would not expect after Obama failed to correct the US economy in 4 years to believe Joyce Banda from a non producing non mineral nation without a bail out would solve a crisis self made by  a Chinese annointed Professor would be solved in 8 months?
If John Kapito cannot give an alternative to fixing of the kwacha as Bingu did which led to even Sugar going AWOL, I believe its high time he tried preteding to have ears and listen that the issues he is raising now are not worth the street.
I dont recall his face on July 20, 2011 when bullets were fired from everywhere. I am sure trying to use the public to create your own profile has failed before, thats why the momentum to demonstration is not there, worse still, trying individually to mobilise the country looks too selfish when you have a whole Civil Soceity across the country telling to give dialogue a chance!
I will end "I am greetings today" to many others like Kinnah Phiri whose time to resign is wat beyond now, to Speaker Henry Chimunthu Banda whose job has never been enviable in our political world. Now the rumour is he will invoke section 65 and collapse the administration of JB, then later we will have a cioalition Government chaired by someone. I am greetings to Chris Daza and Joseph Njobvuyalema who I am told are working hard to get the party from my granny JZU and finally I am greetings to all women activists who failed to recognise that JBs cabinet has now the highest representation of women since independence.
I am greetings of Happy New Year to all politicians and followers of the blog, let politics 2014 begin!


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