A not so happy Press Freedom, TA Bvumbwe and Voice Mhone

Well, today is World Press Freedom Day, I am a Journalist and I am supposed to be celebrating. But today, many colleagues competent and qualified enough lost their jobs a few days ago at the Blantyre Newspapers Limited. With that others are still searching on what to do next.
Of course personally I was subject of an article, that sounded strange and well cooked up. I am glad many who know the truth called to laugh with me over it. I always say, dont force me to speak, I will speak when my time comes. After all, I have spoken through all past and present political leadership without fear or favour. I do not hide behind anybody to give out my opinion.
If I have information that I believe the public should benefit from, then I created this forum or I will join a media house of my choice.
But today its about press freedom, specifically here at home in Malawi. Are there issues to celebrate for in Malawi. I would say yes, there are many issues including the vibrancy of our media. The vigilance of our radios and newspapers.
Nobody speaks without caution anymore, nobody can approve contracts without closer scrutiny and nobody can jump from one lie to another any more, because our media will fact check them. I say bravo Malawi media. Forget for once today and tommorrow that you allegedly murdered the former President, you are no murders, you are the mirror of our society.
The media in Malawi, from the dawn of multiparty politics in 1992 todate has shown greater maturity and acumen in providing balances and checks to those that occupy public offices. This is why Third Term Failed, this is why our constitution reigned supreme when Late Bingu wa Mutharika collapsed.
Without the media and with our current crop of politicians, greedy and mostly practicing politics of self gratification, our democracy should have ended in 2003/04 when the few in UDF believed President Bakili Muluzi should rule forever or in April 2012 when someone believed they had a right to take over Government.
The noble role our media played in such important, historic and constitutional processes cannot be undermined by anybody today or tomorrow, unless that someone has something to hide.
I wish all pressmen and women a happy and joyful World Press Freedom.
Turning to my schoolmate Laston, yes thats the name of Traditional Authority Bvumbwe. Dont ask me why I am at liberty to call the Chief- in private by this name. But for those that didnt know this young man and you want to accuse him of being drunk, here is news for you: The man speaks his mind and most of the time he is right.
I wish the Peoples Party left the matter of Chiefs and what they say. Intimidating the Chief sounds like what happened to Reverend Levi Nyondo who was arrested for his prayer at the funeral of the Late Professor Moses Chirambo. Today DPP has an uphill task to convince Northern Region especially Rumphi of changing. I hope PP has calculated the political cost of intimidating a Chief, even when one is drunk.
Finally I wish to say Voice Mhone alongside John Kapito seem to be the only two remnants of Civil Society. They can speak what many cant say and they can say what many in Leadership position do not want to hear.
I wish again our Leaders took time to re-examine why suddenly it looks like all the Bingu criticism is back and directed at them not DPP.
Perhaps tommorrow we shall understand.


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