Thank you Nelson Mandela, Africa's brightest star

Never, never again shall man in this land be oppressed by another man- the journey that started some 30 years before 1994, suddenly had become reality. The darkest story of Africa's oppression was re-written. A black man was at the helm of South Africa.
Africa, and my Africa has had very few positive stories of leadership. Coup, corruption, violence and wars are a trademark of our leaders since the independence around 1940s.
Most African nations will be clocking 50 years of independence within the minus or plus of five years, but with very little to show for it.
Mineral rich Angola, DR Congo, Central African Republic, Seirra Leone, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria and many others but have very poor people with very rich ex-Leaders.
Many like Uganda, Guiniea, Swaziland, Gambia and Gabon are still struggling to think of how to get rid of their leaders who have overstayed their welcome.
But there is a story of Nelson Mandela. The boy of Qunu and man who became the greatest of its star in years of darkness.
He ruled for one term in a continent where Leaders are chased and killed like Mummuar Gadafi.
He was Nelson Mandela, a rare gem of Africa.
He gave unity and multiracial society.
He gave his 27 years in prison, but he gave all he had to humanity.
He taught us to fight the principle not an individual.
Today I say Goodbye to Nelson Mandela. The man I grew up to hear, watch and see in person, films and media.
He now rests, he now stays where he belongs-among angels.
Goodbye Nelson Mandela
Never, never again shall it be that this beautiful Africa replace you.
We say thank you for the many life lessons you impart in us.
We renew our call to our Leaders to honour Mandela by at least walking in his values and footpath.
Goodbye Tata Nelson Mandela


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