Flames woyeee!!!!!!!!

After so many dissapointing turns, Malawi Nation Football Team today begins the journey to qualfies for the African Cup of Nations and World Cupn 2010.

I am sure everybody knows what is at stake if we fail to go to South Africa in 2010 with our football team. Playing Djibout in the opening should give us a lot of confidence that we can do better and better to be in Angola and South Africa.

The millions in Malawi, and more in Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa who are from Malawi would want this afternoon to ease the hopelessness that has engufled the football system in the country.

I have watched two super league games this season, I could not pick up any player except Thoko Kachiwala (Admarc) Atusaye Nyondo and Davie Moyo (Silver) and Davis Mlozi (Bullets) as the only ones who are willing to play to produce.

I stopped watching the national team years ago, when selection was no longer on merit but names. I hope Kinnah Phiri will remove that attitude and inspire my team and my country to greater levels of football.

As Idi Amini would say;

The netball queens did it
Why cant football did it too?

I am for flames today, I shall sing and dance in Lilongwe if my Flames, Lawi lawi wins today.

Malawi Woyeee
Inenso woyee!!!


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