Beyond rhetoric to action

I have read and re-read Animal Farm so many times, that I find George Orwells las sentence very powerful. That looking from the pigs to men and men to pigs, there was hadly a difference between the two. I have always been cool in making decisions, I calculate their consequences and always find it more important to read through any criticism or reaction. One thing no one will ever tell you, is loosing temper publicly. I might be very angry but I learnt a great deal during my youth work, the most difficult constituency to deal with. I will one day run for the post of a Director of Youth in a party which has resemblance of democracy. I had enough time to reflect on a number of issues as I travelled to the North over the weekend including how beautiful Kasungu is. The dam near the boma and the Ngulu ya Nawambe residence. From there I saw the Kasungu North farm lands, before getting into the Natural tree forest which ends at Lojwa. When I am driving I normally stop anywhere from Luviri up ti Mzimba boma for masuku and them continue and take pictures in Chikangawa-ncluding the first tree planted by Kamuzu Banda near elephant rock. I was resting at Mimosa when I read a copy of the Nation newspaper where the Ministry of Tourism alongside Lake Malaw yachting marathon were blaming each other for poor organisation of the worlds longest fresh water lake competition. I aslo read in the Sunday Times about Vilant Ndasowa a producer of a documentary in Mulanje mountain and also about this years poters race. I thought of how much we have been talking, how much lies we have produced in documents and yet all we need is to market these activities. Why did I start by describing my temper- beacuse I realised that very soon I will blog on a number of issues and will not make many confortable enough to respond.
Otherwise, I am excellent, in good health and enjoying fresh air of a country north of Malawi. Enjoy your time too. Thanks to Vc. Kawonga and Pastor Banda on their reaction to my blog article on Aids and preachers. Keep it up, I will record it this Saturday for my records!


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