Independence weekend, Miss Malawi and G8

Happy 44th Anniversary to all Malawians. I will be 44-God willing in the next 16 years so I had just to enjoy this one now. I was in bed-not being lazy but after attending five after parties till wee hours, it felt good that Malawians could celebrate with so much hope. Of course politically nothing has changed, I do not believe in what President Bingu wa Mutharika was telling people at Mzuzu stadium. His langauge of defiance just epitomises his long held views not national healing. I hope he will be able to face ArchBishop Ziyaye and the other Men of God and say, "Hie Bishop, I dont believe in whatever you have proposed, all I want is the budget to pass." The guys has been full of self-contradiction. He will tell the rally, that budget no budget he will run Government, minutes later he will tell Tembo and Muluzi to pass the budget as it affects his administration. I am not sure on what to make of such a reading, all I am sure as I said before, Muluzi, the self-confessed political engineer seems to have thrown a bag of confusion on my President. Anyway, nothing changed by Monday and we still had a great weekend watching Mlaka, Skeffa and Lucius at three different venues. I said I am good and satisfied. I hope I will make it to see 50th anniversary or the Golden Jubilee for my beloved country. It smells to be one hell of a party of that year. I have a song not, the whole of it but part of it which we sang at Kamuzu Stadium on July 6th, 1989 when it was time for Silver Jubilee-it went like this:

Land of Smiling Faces
Oh happy place to be
O praise to the Ngwazi for our Land Malawi

For 25 years of independence
Colonial days long past
Long Live our most wise President
May Peace, prosperity flow

We celebrate Our jubilee
In building up our nation
And Africa where we belong

OOps, I have the tune but I have lost most of the words. But I have always called my country Malawi-Land of Smiling Faces-The Warm heart of Africa. I say again happy anniversary to all my compatriots. Try to say that in spanish, you will sound like a bad word in Chichewa-the word compatriot.

I am back at my desk today, and I almost collapsed with laughter when I read a comment from the reigning Miss Malawi-Msiska, she told a local paper that she is "tired of the crown" as she is the longest serving Miss Malawi, after being crowned in 2006. The organisers have practically dissappeared and noone seems to know whats going on.
Please guys, in this democratic state, anyone is free to organise Miss Malawi, the last company that did has failed, relieve the 'tired' Miss Malawi to live her normal life. Its just an irony that Miss Malawi is tired of her position when Bakili Muluzi is not very tired in becoming a President again and again. I am sure the Miss Malawi could have "hang on" should the position have some sort of stable renumeration. After all humans are greedy by nature.
Anyway I was listening to Dr.Shanil Muluzi (Yes Mrs. Bakili Muluzi) duet with Lucius Banda she sang called "adzayankha'. It is a very touching song, and she was singing of orphans. Of a man who buys all the beers while his deceased brothers orphans fail to go to school because of fees. She also sing that what we throw in our rubbish bins (food leftovers) are needed by some poor or opharns. Since she was my teacher in primary school I liked her advice, I liked her proper pronounciations of L and R's unlike most of our musicians. The only thing that I wondered, if her husband the former PRESIDENT, ever listened to the wise advice in the song. I am sure he can have a change of heart in the way he approaches some issues.
Finally talking of the poor and food, I have always wondered how the Worlds 8 richest or strongest Nations are fast becoming prisoners of the wealth. Can you imagine in Japan today 20,000 policemen guarding George Bush, Merkel and Brown from protesters. They are the worlds largest guarded prisoners. If they only started listening, they would be free to even do shopping not being holed up running away from protesters. Mugabe is much freer that these World 8 CLUB.
Finally, I should say Bravo to BBC Network Africa production team. They gave us this morning the eight-course menu at the G8 summit, which is discussing rising food prices and fuel and compared it to simple meals Malawians and Africans had at the same time.
The world is never equal-so I am off to work now!!!


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