Reading between Letters: Bingu and Muluzi

I had the privilage of reading the letters between President Bingu wa Mutharika and his predecessor Bakili Muluzi from a very unlikely source. Both letters to my simple conclusion were unnecessary and the leakage rightly pointed to the left or right was gross breach of ethics and degradation of the Office of the President in Malawi, whoever the occupant is.
However I have lived to see more that individual and selfish interest overides most of decisions made by our political leaders, that politics of survival define more our approaches than those of trying to understand what a Malawian want.
Both Muluzi and Bingu are filthy rich, yes, they can within 15 years of our multiparty system donate millions in competition. Refer to the Ndirande saga, which was started by a well meaning donation by Mark Katsonga Phiri.
In real terms Katsonga Phiri is supposed to be a rich Malawian having built Candlex to compete at its climax with multinational Unlever, later AGMA corporation before replacing Shire Buslines with Axa as a national bus company.
Katsonga never used his political office or clout to get favours, actually he has been down trodden and put out by others to avoid making more what he is entitled. But he still invests and believes in Malawi.
Our Presidents letter to Bakili Muluzi was bound to leak and the langauge and the message is not presidential at all, the same with Muluzi's attempt to potray a dignified response while at the same time falling into the trap of Bingu.
Four accusations stands clear that we need more professionals as advisors of the President and his predecessor, as I can read the language of five people between the letters.
Unfortunately I am not at liberty to publish names but I can happily as I have offered in the past offer consultancy services to those that want to know the real authors of the letters.
1. The issue of one insulting the other this is well known fact that instead of promoting unity, the two leaders have failed miserably to look beyond their survival. I have had privilage of sitting in one the two private meetings, the language was not that palatable and I was shocked beyond comprehension that a whole leader uses such a language in private. Lucky I was not alone in that room which I entered by accident and nobody recognised me till the end. Therefore no question of being bribed.
2. The issue of using the media. I believe the President's advisors or intelligence should really try to be honesty here. The allegations that Journalists take money to publish stories can not stik with established media like BBC, the Nation and Zodiak. The process to write a story involves many people and the best way to utilise media is to be open at all times. The question of MBC has always been there. Muluzi is getting his own dosage, while I have extensively question the people behind the current programming if at all they are doing more harm to Bingu or good. Read previous articles.
3. Comesa; you cannot unmake the past, but Muluzi's undertones of some undisclosed minutes smacks threats to reveal more. The question of huge personal resources should alarm fairminded Malawians as to where it came from and the undemocratic decisions to impose a candidate. Any lessons, it doesnt seem my former President has learnt. Perhaps it is time someone asked why does he believe out of 13.1 million Malawians to be the only best leader or influence leadership of the country? This needs an honest answer.
4. The final problem arieses from ego the two. Nobody wants to be a man, but a crying baby. I dont see issues in the two letters that would benefit me nor my compatriots both in the short and long terms.
Otherwise for the son of a poor man like me, stop dragging innocent media personnel into your battles.
If someone has spare money, I have a project in my neighbourhood to develop a youth resource centre.
Please spare us these childish behavour of insulting each other and lets focus on taking Malawi out of the poverty trap where we have been for the last 40years.
Bingu and Muluzi should stand up and sing our beautiful national anthem.
Bingu should drop all funny treason charges as there is no eveidence 4 years down the line except torturing of poor affected families.
Bingu should be my President, whether he likes my paper or not, whether he agrees with Tembo or not. He is our President. Thats why the adage 'mutu akakula sulewa nkhonya' simply means the President like a father has to take all on behalf of the nation.
Muluzi should seriously go into reflection. After 10 years in power what more does he want. Doesnt he become father of the nation by retiring from politics and obtaining a more non-partisan role as a symbol of unity and not division.
Muluzi's wife and my teacher Shanil sang beautifully and the last stanza talks of rich people wanting more, can he not listen to the music.
Both Bingu and Muluzi can do Malawians a great favour if they served the interests of Malawians more than personal wishes!!


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