Elections are here, May God Bless my country

The only privilage I can claim to have in the 2009 elections is to be a Journalists, placing me among those at the core centre to process information and add value, should it be so, to the process of informing Malawians. I have a task to analyse manifestos at my office and I have finished just two, the Republican Party and the National Rainbow Coalition. Other parties claim they will release theirs this week. The DPP too already is selling its manifesto though am yet to go through it.
The campaigned opened officially on Tuesday but I am out of the country at the African Union offices where I am working on a programme to benefit the young people. So I missed it. But the Friday before that at New State House, the three main contenders President Bingu wa Mutharika, Former President Bakili Muluzi and MCP leader John Tembo signed a memorandum of understanding to end hostilities.
Bingu and Tembo didnt look very convinced but they signed, Muluzi as usual was in his carefree mood. I felt sorry for the former President of Mozambique Joachim Chissano who looked very pleased with the job he had done, when in reality he had just wasted his time. Am told Bingu was at his best hitting at Tembo and Muluzi and I expect some unfreindly responses from the two once they hit the road.
The elections are here, the only thing that soothes my soul is that while our leaders both in Government and Opposition, have displayed some arrogance which suddenly must come to an end at the ballot on Tuesday, 19 May. Some 58 days from today.
The elections allows me as a poor citizen without a voice for five years and with all my opinion and work turned around to claim my power. To elect.
You should see the leaders faces when they are coming, some in coachlines, VX's and Bently's to seek my vote. I am a King and so too is an ordinary man and woman of Malawi you could not listen or consult.
Come with you cheap promises, but 15 years after democracy, Malawians have come of age and will vote for their right leaders.
You cant beat the essence of democracy, and the hour has come that section 12 of the republican constitution will have a meaning, that reality and not absurdity will reign and that wether you insult louder than the other, people will still remember who makes sense, who keeps his promise, who is promising the moon without a space shuttle.
I am proud to be a Malawian and will go and vote. I will tell people my choice here when I finish manifestos reading, some realitsic some which are full of jokes!
As I wish our political aspirants to my tax, remember these two months when you go into office.
Otherwise after another fives years, it might be shauri yakooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!


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