The gone Parliament and missed opportunities

So the chickens have come back home to roost. March 20 means no more Parliament in Malawi and all ex-honourables are being humbled to account for what they did for me and you in five years they accessed my tax money.
Unfortunately, for this Parliament, I can recall useless debates such as impeachments, the said story of Late Rodwell Munyenyembe, the president who was so keen to do away with the house of representatives and an opposition whose muscle felxing left majority of Malawians dumbfounded.
Of course thats what kept me working, as I had to write more. I am looking for an article I did for Nation on Sunday which I titled the HOUSE OF SHAME.
That was a time insults hurling was at peak.
I have so many good Parliamentarians I would want them to come back, at the same time they dont make up even 10 percent of our national assembly. The rest were party zealots I would happily want to see them go.
However, they are people outside Parliament I would want them to win. People who made a difference whenever they rose to speak.
As I wish the many useless and by-chance MP's who are to loose goodbye, i hope voters will bring back Harry Thomson, Jimmy Mponda Mkandawire and even Green Lulilo Mwamondwe. These made a difference to our national assembly.
For the loud mouths who wasted over K5 million in pay and allowances just to insult, I say good riddance and enjoy you new ex-honourable title, we missed great opportunitiees to entrench our parliament.
For new comers, remember fives years is as short as a night. Here we are and Malawians are bosses again, viva democracy!!


Emmanuel said…
How I wish this parliament lives up to its expectations, Ko, How i wish Louis Chimango was back, How I wish many others were there, anyway it was not there time

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