Greece and Eurozone crisis, Muammar Ghadafi, Mugabe and Julius Malema

This week has been a very interesting week. In Thailand, the were battling floods after non stop rains. People moved into safety. Elsewhere in the East Coast of the United States it suddenly snowed heavily and the storms caused several states to declare State of Emergency. Contrast the two bad weathers in USA and Thailand to scorching heat Southern and Eastern Africa. In East Africa the drought is devastating and very few are paying attention.
But if the occupy Wall Street was not dramatic enough, the World members of UNESCO, 107 Ccountries to be specific believed that Palestinians have a right to share the culture with anybody in the World. The United States, Canada and the Israel Government all woke up and put up measures either to punish UNESCO or Palestinians. This has been a week of shame to global values that Americans propagate through its Peace Corps programme. The issue of Israel and Palestinians will be solved on a negotiation table as some of us have argued over the years. No amount of pressure, blockades or sanction will bring a solution.
Palestians have to accept Israel and Israel should do the same and make sure that they believe that they are equal and can live in peace.
As the politica developments continue to dominate the global news, the week has been full of Eurozone crisis mainly with the occurences in Greece which French President Sarkozy suggested that it was a mistake to have been admitted in the zone.
Everyone is shaking over the Eurozone debt crisis, but the Greek Prime Minister seems to have not realised that it is time for him to leave the stage to others. This week the man who has been the face of he crsis has cracked and seems to have lost it all.
The Prime Minister announced that a referendum will be held on December 4 which sent the markets into shock, before rumours on Thursday indicated that he was considering to resign to have a Government of National Unity in place. In the afternoon the State TV quashed the talk of resignation.
It reminded me of Muammar Gadaffi the man who was in the news some two weeks ago but he is slowly fading out. His death after insisting that he will die a martyr, has sent him with very little funfare to his end. The Greek Prime Minister could learn that those that quit honourably have a chance to recover. The Eurozone needs assurances from politicians but they do not seem to have any single idea how to provide one.
The same message is applicable to President Robert Mugabe who this week said from undisclosable location in Asia that he is fit to run again. I wish Mugabe retired honourably and plant his own administration that to wait for Zimbabweans to chase him and chain him later.
The last newsmaker has been the controversial Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League President. He launched what he called a historic Economic Freedom March.
Now Malema is a multimillionaire and his freinds are as such, to abuse the unemployed Youth of South Africa by subjecting to marches he himself does not believe in but only needed to recapture his political influence, he missed the boat.
Check, after the march he flew to Mauritius, a luxury destination of rich tourists and feted at a Freinds wedding. Juju as Malema is known in South AfricA has no feeling for South African poor youth, may be Winnie Mandela can teach him how to welcome and live with the poor.
As we now read about sentencing of Pakistani Cricketers, the deportation case of Jullian Assange and many more, the changing times in the World indicate that we need to start looking critically at the role young people can play to shape the future they will be part of it.
Otherwise leaving that fate to a lot of failed leaders today wll prolong the suffering of the majority poor!


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