Micheal Jacksons Doctors gets 4 years, Cancer and American Airlines

This month has been a bad month at least five young Malawians I knew to be talented departed from this world. Two of them completely shocking, one evening we were talking the other morning they were gone. I am scared of saying see you tommorrow on skype. But God should confort the families of Stain, Ken Siyabu, Uncle Inno Gandali, Darren Mwagomba and Wisdom Chitedze. Forever we pray for their mercies and abundant grace.
Then this evening as I reflected on the many young lives lost, I watched the amazing end of Dr. Conrad Murrays trial on the involuntary manslaughter of Micheal Jackson. He got four years.
Many people especially those in the middle and poor classes of society have used religion as a measure of morality, that even though historically some of the so called morals were practices by pagans, they have now not only become forceful but also laws and a measure of each man.
Should a doctor, just like a Lawyer refuse the demands of his client when he is being paid to do so? At what stage should doctors take responsibility.
In Malawi that element of responsibility seems to be gone, even among those expected to have higher moral and religious influence in all spheres including political leadership.
Our political leaders can debate salary increase when even our hospitals does not even have a cancer ward except one which is poorly equiped with one specialist.
Unlike Dr. Conrad Murray, even deaths of the country's First Lady late Ethel Mutharika or very outstanding citizens like AKB does not inspire policy makers to work to ease the challenges cancer patients face, it makes Murray look an angel who provided help to a sick man.
The ruling though as the Judge said is about responsibility that we assume when we get into offices we aspire or make decisions. I hope many in decision making can learn plenty of lessons and have less excuses how they run Government, opposition or even other structures such as Civil Society institutions.
Most of Africa's challenges are man made and they will be served by leaders who want to serve and make a difference than milking and acting as they are small gods. I visited a constituency today whose leader needs to retire from politics, just stay on this page its coming soon.
Then they are the Unions in Greece who protest austerity measures, London is starting its strike tommorrow over austerity measures.
American Airlines announced that it will bee seeking bankrupt protection after spending 2 billion more in fuel and failing to have Unions back new measures that could have saved it.
Yes the going is getting tougher, for the poor in Africa and other places there is nothing muh we can say, but Unions are not supposed to fight for the sake of fighting.
Most strikes in EU zone or America will lead to the companies going under. I am sure the biggest losers will be the workers if the companies are liquidated. Perhaps people should take more responsibility and learn from these episodes with a sober mind.


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