Minister Aaron Sangala beaten by a Lady MP Anita Kalinde

Watch what you allege. Parliamentary immunity could not save Internal Security and National Defence Minister Aaron Sangala as Thyolo North MP Anita Kalinde descended on him during tea break after he alleged that her ex-husband was a serial murderer.
Kalinde was at one time married to a Lilongwe businessman Marshal The Dukes but separated long time ago before he joined politics and died in 2003.
Marshall was accused of shaddy deals but the former Policeman said he had gotten rich after supplying cement from Zambia to Malawi during cement crisis in Malawi.
Sangala accused Kalinde of cohabiting with 'someone' during a period which Malawians were being attacked and had their private parts removed.
Kalinde did not react during the debate on the Ministers statement but waited until the Speaker had adjourned the house for tea break.
The unsuspecting Minister of National Defence could not defend himself as Kalinde attacked him and tore his shirt, prompting several DPP parliamentarians including Lilongwe City West MP Edwin Bhangwanji who rescued the Minister.
The Minister expressed surpise after the attack but Kalinde opted to go out of the parliament building without commenting on the fracas.
Kalinde resigned from DPP and is a member of the Vice Presidents Peoples Party


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