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Zimbabwe, the first trip

I am home and resting. Another eventful journey through Zimbabwe and beyond. I know most would want to know how Zimbabwe is faring. How are things on the ground and how are people coping. I have learnt some Shona of course. Pinda motor meaning get into the bus and many others. I have visited bars and wonderful places that will make a long lasting impact. I have had a chance to pay my respects to the Heroes acre in Harare where Zimbabwe’s great sons such as Joshua Mkomo and Muzenda have found a permanent home. I have seen the grave of the Country’s First Lady Sally Mugabe, who I only saw smiling and charming whenever they visited Malawi. Of course the heroes acre reminded me as Malawi we still are yet to value our history. How many of our kids know who was our First Army General. How many know the story of Gweru dreams. How many can articulate the visions of John Chilembwe, Levi Ziliro Mumba and others. They died and we lost them. The remains of Chipemebere seem will never be brought ba

Some things are worth the time?

It has been sometime. Since the last blog in Cape Town, I have been to Zambia and Zimbabwe and each has a story to be told. I was back home breifly for a funeral and saw how been were carttoooning themselves. I return to Malawi soon via Zimbabwe and this blog will be live again. Its a promise for those that keep asking for more Kondwani