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National Prayer and Fasting begins

Pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonian s 5 verses 16 to 18: Is it really possible to pray without ceasing and to give thanks to the Lord in all circumstances. Malawians today using social media have began a special 3 day prayer and fasting for their Nation. They are praying for the country's social, political and economic challenges to be addressed by God. Malawi is officially classified as a God fearing Nation. But Malawi of today is almost broken. The spirit of love has disappeared and slowly young men are attacking innocent mothers and sisters, criminals are duping people even the poorest asking them to pay money for jobs, tired health workers are shouting at innocent patients, Teachers are chasing innocent students from school because they have not been paid hardship allowance. Justice is now for the rich and affluent, even striking courts can open for them. The poor rot in jails, the poor are dying from preventable causes, parents are dumping children in the streets, people are s

President Bingu wa Mutharika has returned

He arrived this afternoon and his at New State House

President Bingu wa Mutharika has returned

He arrived this afternoon and his at New State House

Next update soon: when will President Mutharika return

Keep a date as the President will return in the next 24 hours. The exact time will be given and those near the airport can confirm. Bingu will return home very soon and before sunset tommorrow. Exact time coming soon here once he starts off ... this information can only be provided by this blog!

The credibility of this blog

Hey all hold on. This blog does not speak on behalf of any group or individual except myself. Some people are busy trying to discredit the postings. If one took time to follow the blog you will realise that there was an announcement of breaking news way in the morning. What is published here are bare facts. I will not write that someone is sick to please anybody. As of now President Bingu wa Mutharika is fit and his visits have nothing to do with illness, they are working visits and I have equally detailed information that is credible and more authentic . Causing unnecessary panic is not part of Journalism and facts are what some of us stand here for. Look closely again the history of this blog, no item has been retracted as only facts are posted here. The updates continue....

The President left at 6;45am

President Bingu wa Mutharika left Malawi early this morning around 6.45 am and was accompanied by five other officials. This is a second trip where he has held discussions with various players who have capacity to assist Malawi especially on the current fuel crisis. He travelled to Zimbabwe a fortnight ago on the same mission only that he has made them private. He is working and expected to return home soon. This is the correct version of the story and not what is being speculated on social media.

President Mutharika out for a working private visit. He is not ill!

The President flew out this morning to a Western African nation to negotiate mainly fuel supplies for the country. He has been working hard to restore the supplies. His recent visit to Harare as reported by Zimbabwe media was based on the same mission. For some strange reasons Malawi is not allowed credit and it seems local cartels are involved in providing such information on our credit worthness The President flew Malawi 1, the presidential jet and landed at Abuja Airport around 11.45 am Nigerian time. He is not sick, he is fit and working tirelessly as pledged to solve the crisis. Further fuel has been paid for and Petrol supplies should start arriving soon. The President was not airlifted nor taken ill. This is all information that is valid and has been holding for further confirmation. He might be on his way back now.

Due to high sensitivity of the matter

We are still delaying the breaking news for a little well after 3.40 pm

Breaking news to be posted here around 2.45pm

You hear it first from this blogsite. Visit this blog at 2.45 pm and have the breaking news everyone has tried to keep quite. Make sure you are the first to know.

Parliament delays over MACE

The sword- a state a symbol of Parliament- yesterday went missing delaying deliberations for almost three quarter of an hour. Second Deputy Speaker Juliana Mphande puzzling the Honourables who already were bewildered with the unexplained 30 minute delay as none of Clerks or Speakers appeared only for her to come and announce the delay as due to "technical hitch" The drama ended when the Mace was located after 45 minutes but it turned into another theatre as the Head Usher Jones Tsabola led the procession with the House giving him two standing ovations as he managed to lift his legs in a military parade style. Deputy Minister in OPC Nicholas Dausi kept shouting "zosiyilana za ekelezia" while opposition benches shouted "mwamuphnzitsa liti?" or "munkweze basi."

Kasambara to be freed this afternoon.

Government yesterday failed to explain why it is failing to obey a court order to release Human Rights Lawyer Ralph Kasambara but instead announced that is freeing him this afternoon. Uladi Mussa and Cassim Chilupmhwa challenged Justice Minister Ephraim Chiume in Parliament and he has since announce that he will be out

A very interesting week

Well nobody can predict how the week will end. Of course we have a left over of Ralph Kasambara in town, he is a prisoner at a Hospital. But the end of the story is yet to come. We still have Civil Society pulling out of negotiations due to poor environment and some are just becoming outright jokes with some even forgetting the mandates of their organisations. The we have local issues, I am not sure where cholera is, how flood victims are coping up and also those that have no food in their houses during their lean period. Then we have Parliament which is another interesting development and we are still not sure how far it will go. But there is Hope Alliance, whose owners are not yet out. I am sure by next week this blog will tell you who is behind it in the ruling DPP and has presidential ambitions. More than once I have stated that the internal politics of DPP is more dangerous than its outside machinery and very soon, stories will come out of who and who. What about the chances of v

Ralph Kasambara admitted at Mwaiwathu Hospital, brothers House attacked

Breaking news coming in: Human Rights Lawyer Ralph Kasambara still under detention as Malawi Police Service refuses to accept a court order of his release as suffered a heart condition and been moved from Zomba Maximum Prison to Mwaiwathu Hospital. Kasambara was still in prison despite a second court order after his bail was revoked by Police and subsquent release order denied by the same. Prison authorities have said they are no longer keeping in custody while Police claim they are waiting for orders from above Over 30 Police officers escorted him from Zomba but now at least 10 remain. Interestingly Police complain of shortage of manpower. In a related development, a House belonging to Kasambaras brother Charles has been attacked this evening in Lilongwe. Details are yet to emerge full but initial reports indicate Police appeared quickly and saved the situation. Charles runs a paralegal service group CELA which helps young people and the poor to access justice.

Civil Society pulls out of dialogue

A return to July 20? Malawi Civil Society has pulled out of negotiations over 20 point petition which formed the core of issues that culminated into July 20 anti-Government protests. Leader of the CSOs dialogue team Voice Mhone, accompanied by Steve Duwa, Dorothy Ngoma and a Mr. Mtonga announced the development this morning citing the arrest of Human Rights lawyer Ralph Kasambara as a major reason. Mhone said the environment which they had agreed after the September vigil collapsed had changed with Government machinery attacking them on podiums and threats being issued by even the Head of State himself. "We are protesting the environment. This time we will not go back until Ralph Kasambara is unconditionally released. We cannot continue to engage a Government that is not interested at all," said Mhone. Ngoma said they had walked out of the dialogue in the morning at they presented their issues to the Government team and the facilitating team from the United Nations. Steve D

Anti-Corruption Bureau hunting for Kasambara's lawyers

In a very interesting turn of the Ralph Kasambara's saga this morning, Police have refused the release order, asking his lawyers to bring another bail application that can be respected. Interesting the Courts closed due to a strike but the Police are disobeying a valid order. Now the Anti-Corruption Bureau with its record delay in chasing high profile cases has already issued notices asking two lawyers for Kasambara, Wapona Kita and Jonathan Kara to appear before it on Friday and Monday. This could raise questions on independence of the graft fighting body as Kasambaras saga has all the hall marks of political interference. How independent are our security and law enforcement agencies, the case between the Lawyer and other Law Enforcement agencies will reveal more! Stay tune for real live update.

Fire season

Ralph Kasambaras arrest should mark the start of a new season. Police are contesting the bail granted to him where the Courts opened temporarly to allow him out. Reports indicate that they are now outside his office. But for a Government that has been working hard to restore its image, this is unwelcome incident and something that could have been avoided. The more some people work to restore normality, there others in the DPP who work hard to destroy any credibility of the same. Why would you jail Kasambara, refuse him Police bail when some rich Asians stealing the much needed Forex were granted immediate bail. The same applied to Atupele Muluzi. Kasambara might be on the wrong side of the law, but now social media is reporting of plots to assassinate him, creating all sorts of stories which I would say Government does not need at the moment. Of course there is a shock expulsion of MBC media personnel by Civil Society in Lilongwe which is ver unpalatable. Everyone calm down, do not cre

Atupele Muluzi's vehicle detained

Breaking now: Police in Lilongwe have detained a Mercedes Benz vehicle used by UDF Presidential hopeful Atupele Muluzi and detained the driver on charges yet to be known. Personnel close to Atupele have confirmed the devevelopment. Muluzi's vehicle is said to have hit a Police officer assigned to his father Former President Bakili Muluzi when fracas broke at Bvumbwe. The officer was identified as Barnet Mponda whose number is A5020 at Sub Inspector Grade. Police had earlier confirmed that they were investigating a road traffic offence under the charge of failure to report a traffic accident. Atupele enjoys parliamentary immunity as the house is currently sitting. The Young Muluzi addressed mammoth crowds from the vehicle in Mchinji and delivered his Agenda for Change speech in Parliament on Monday

No Injuries or arrests so far, Town clear

Police have just managed to clear the depot area for people to operate normally. After whipping a few people including a woman, they have generally managed to clear the Old Town and calm has returned. It is advisable however to stay alert as some of the rogue elements might regroup and cause mayhem.

Burning of tyres and Police cordoning off Town area

The bus depot area has become a no gone zone area with Police now beating off people to clear the bus terminals and otehrs areas of the vendors. Do not go into Malagalanga as people have been inflitration those doing own programmes. Businesses remain close in old town area.

Vendors now singing and marching

The town business area is almost impassable and vendors are dancing and singing in the face of some Police officers. No reports yet of smashed properties as some were putting on facebook. Mostly they are around Malangalanga road area.

Vendors resisting getting out of streets

Well seven days have expired and we have the same old story. They are refusing to go, last week they put up posters saying they will die before moving out of the streets. Tensions remain high, drive and walk into Malangalanga area at own risk.

What Mayeso Chirwa was to me+

For the first time since Friday morning, I can think and accept reality that Mayeso Chirwa, the Information Specialist at the United States Embassy, the Sports Journalists at MBC and the Basketball player at ABC and later General Secretary of the Basketball Association of Malawi is indeed dead, gone and buried. I give glory and honour to Lord God Almighty for the life of Mayeso. He was one of the biggest critics, followers and editors of this blog, he never took time to call me if I delayed my update, missed a spelling or if I criticised the Americans or some Western powers. I will miss such guidance for so many years to come. But that is not what Mayeso was to me. I write with tears as I remember one morning, alongside with Kondwani Chisasa at MBC Broadcasting House at Chichiri they came into the reporters office on the down floor. He said point blank, your report this morning was awful, it did not come from you what was wrong? I had just been seeing him in corridors of MBC and never