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Absolute power corrupts...bring back my flag

There is something irritating about politicians. They never learn from their past or their colleagues mistakes. Soon after attainment of multiparty democracy, when the Malawi Congress Party was the most hated name in town, the ruling party the UDF tried to change the national flag under the pretext that it was similar to MCP. Everybody protested, it was giving in our national pride, identity and sweat for our freedom. The blood that Malawians shed in 1959 and in the later struggle of independence was not MCP blood. It was blood of Malawians, the flag and later the national athem represnts the sacred identity of the Malawi nation. The designer and composer of the two items might have died silent heros, but they left a legacy and pride of the nation. God has allowed me to travel to at least 72 countries across the World, nothing compares to the time when your National anthem and flag is raised. During the May 1 opening of the World Expo in Shangahai, China, I everyone of my colleagues fr