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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent on things that matter”-Martin Luther King Junior. July 20, 2011, was the day Malawians refused to be silent when their country mattered! Song verse of the day: Lucius Banda’s MABALA “Mumati zizakhala choncho mpaka liti abale Anthu a Mulungu sangakhale kulira masiku onse amoyo wawo Analanda Ufumu kalero naupeleka kwa oyenela Ndi chani chingamulake Ambuye Mulungu Wa Chilungamo, Ndi wa Chikondi” After days of tensions, verbal war, intimidating panga knives and display of sheer arrogance of the elected to those who elected them, July 20, 2011 arrived. Tensions were high, an arrogant administration the Late President Bingu wa Mutharika was out of touch with reality. They chose July 20, to “Lecturer”Malawians on what could be done to salvage the situation created by their own arrogance, greed and poor governance. Malawians had a single message: Time up for wanton disregard of Human Rights, Poor Political and Econom