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Barack Obama, Atupele Muluzi in Cabinet

America votes tomorrow  Sometime in 2006 when I was settling down at Harvard's Cabot House, we were having the usual meet and greet with African students that I had just met at Harvard-African Students Association. The three would be my closest team until I left the place. There was a Zimbabwean, a Tanzanian and a summer school student from Benin who was just hanging around. Out of the many topics we spoke of a Harvard graduate, a black senator Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan and wanted to run for Democrats in 2008. Some Professors at Kennedy School of Government were said to be hosting him somewhere near the Square for some influential in Cambridge and Boston area. The following day at Kennedy School someone pointed at the Senator, but very few paid attention. Here was another black man trying to do the impossible. As the primaries started and he triumphed, everything had changed, even some of the students on campus who were always presumed Republican, started talkin