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To Illyaas Itimu- the giant who lived for others

Ilyaas Itimu, is a strange name to many who have never followed Malawis media for long time. But to the media, especially the many upcoming Journalists, he was a friend and father figure who accommodated everyone despite his or her status. Ilyaas, the man we fondly called Ike, died on Monday 27 August 2012. He will be buried today at his home village in Balaka. I met Ike when I joined the MBC newsroom in April 2002. He was a Chichewa Editor, I was that 'vibrant' catch from the print media into electronic newsroom. His first words were, "dont let them change you, fight what is yours always." Since then Ike grew to become a close friend. For 10 years we traveled through different media Houses, but we always came together and shared many. I last had a 15 minute chat with him on his hospital bed at Kamuzu Central Hospital two weeks ago. He told everyone that I would be coming when I had time and he was prophetic that I would see him that day. As a Nurse advoca

Peoples Party Convention and the road to 2014

This week is a busy week for the ruling Peoples Party. None of its founding members save for President Joyce Banda is sure if they will make it through the national convention slated for this coming Monday 27th August 2012. Already there are rumours, truths and half truths being perpetrated by candidates all to jostle for the best seats in the ruling elite. The best man and woman will win, but the challenge has been the issue of integration. This week especially Monday will define the role of Peoples Party in Malawi politics and if it can survive beyond the current leadership. Many founders are likely to loose, though many will equally be retained. The secret is how far have you engaged with the electorate. The PP founders come from a challenging background, many sacrificed their personal well beings and joined Joyce Banda and Khumbo Kachali to challenge the autocratic nature that the Democratic Progressive Party had assumed. No one however thought Joyce Banda would be Pres

When an African president falls ills, dies- from

When an African president falls ill, dies: lessons from Ghana By Sishuwa Sishuwa Mon 06 Aug. 2012, 06:00 CAT   [3316 Reads, 0 Comment(s)]   Text size Print ON the afternoon of Tuesday, July 25, 2012, Ghana's President John Atta Mills ceased to breathe after a long battle with cancer of the throat. Mills's health had been a subject of intense debate in Ghana even before he assumed office in 2009. He went missing from the public view for over three weeks, prompting speculation from many Ghanaians that their President was unwell. Opposition parties argued that Ghanaians had a right to know the true health condition of their leader. However, government officials, who never officially confirmed Mills' illness, dismissed speculation about his health as nonsense propagated by opposition elements impatient to wrest power from the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC). Returning from the United States of America, where he had recently been flown for medical ch

The Anti-Corruption Bureau yet to execute warrant of arrest

The warrant of arrest is yet to be executed by the Anti-Corruption Bureau. They are hunting for an official from the Malawi National Assembly. Until he or she is arrested we cannot legally name the person. Be assured you will be the first to know! More breaking news later in the evening ,,,,

Breaking Now: Fuel to increase tommorrow morning Friday, 10 August 2012

The New Prices are as follows: Petrol to sold at K485.60 from K441.10 up by 10.09%.  Diesel at K475.00 from K445.60, up by 6.60 %.  Paraffin will now be sold at K390.00 from K367.00, up by 6.27%

Dowa East MP drag Major Pophet Sheperd Bushiri to court

Dowa East MP Bauleni Manna has sued the self-styled Major Prophet Shepered Bushiri claiming undisclosed millions for defamation after he allegedly prophesized on MBC TV that a woman had aborted his two months pregnancy. The woman Taonga Jamali was employed by Bushiri as his Secretary and she is named first defendant in the classic law suit that will determine the future of Bushiri who was raised controversy over his claims to have prophetic powers. Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation last month claimed Bushiri who is called as Major Prophet lied to his congregation at Masintha ground when he claimed a reporter from the station was at his prayer rally after being queried about finances. Bushiri is named as a second defendant, while Shepered Bushiri Ministries are third defendant, ECG Church and the Malawi Broadcasting Coporation is the fourth and fifth defendant respectively. The MP through his Laywers filed the summons this afternoon at the Lilongwe High Court claiming that the

Breaking News: Major Prophet Bushiri dragged to court

Details by 5pm Malawian time.... he has been dragged to court for defamation over a prophecy which he claimed an MP asked a girl to abort...

Adieu Ben Canavan: the man of constructive dissent

This entry is just a farewell to a friend, diplomat and someone I respect and admire a lot. Benjamin Canavan, the Public Affairs Officer at the US Embassy in Malawi. His tour of duty has ended and he returns tomorrow. He is among the many unacknowledged diplomats that worked around the clock during the transition after the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika. Many will never know of this diplomat who worked tirelessly and asked for all available information but never for once even twitted what was going around. Ben, is an avid follower of this blog, just like another diplomat I know and admire. I have worked with him since he arrived in 2010, a good listener and contributor to every debate we have engaged in. But Ben's contribution to Malawi will be his role in fighting for a free press and what I learnt this evening 'constructive dissent.' Ben has followed every media freedom development with keen interest, supporting media bodies, capacity building for Journ

Bayete Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V

The Nkosini, the headquarters of Maseko Ngoni’s crowning ground is small in size, not more that 80 metres by 40 metres, but its surrounding of hard stone mountains gives it’s the authority and right place for crowning yet another influential Traditional Authority of all political times. As you approach Lizwe La Zulu (mispronounced as Lizulu by many), the crowd grows bigger, many in animal skins from head gears to noisy tin garbs around their ankles. The women are either in short skirts, showing part of their backs as they wrap their breasts only with overflowing beads. Suddenly a group of men, starts chanting “bayete Nkosi”, another makes stabbing gestures with his spear while another pretends to throw his club, obviously their staggering movements confirm an eye detection, they are drunk. Beer both Traditional and Modern glassed have been flowing since Friday, Lizulu, well known for its vegetable and fruit market is filled to the beam, but added to its market are many local

Malawi 2014 General Elections: Peter Mutharika missing opportunity

Well I promised to write something everyday about the General Elections slated for May 2014. The count down continues and every political organisation is quite busy looking forward to their lifeline. Sunday 5th August, 2012 was the coronation of Mswati Willad Kanjedza Gomani as Inkosi ya Makosi Gomani V. An event no sane politician would miss. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Wakuda Kamanga was the highest ranking official at the event, of course Nicholasi Dausi, himself a Ngoni from Kanduku area also turned up. The Peoples Progressive Movement President Mark Katsonga was at the event and his Publicity Secretary Redson Munlo told me he was part of the family, were all there. Leader of Opposition John Tembo led his contingent too. It was DPP's acting Leader Professor Peter Mutharika whom I have been interested to sieze an opportunity for any public event and meet President Joyce Banda in person. Unfortunately the DPP leader has been silent and always se