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Joyce Banda Home, Chancol welcomes Bingu's statement

Vice President Joyce Banda is returning home today through Johannesburg, indicated. This comes after Zambia watchdog website reported quoting Muvi TV that Banda was seeking asylum in Zambia after abruptly returning to a hotel she had checked in on Tuesday. Sources indicate Banda did not want to bump into President Bingu wa Mutharika at Johannesburg's OR Tambo airport as he was flying out to Australia for the Commonwealth Head of State summit. Ministry of Foreign Affairs denied any knowledge of Banda's impending arrest first reported by Nyasatimes when she left the country to attend Zambia's 47th Independence celebrations. In another development, Chancellor Colleg lecturers today welcomed the statement by President Mutharika but said they will wait for the University Council to take necessary steps to facilitate return to work. The end of impasse is now in sight.

The Joyce Banda rumours

We are in the season of political rumours, that time when we go towards campaign and everybody knows something about someone. After checking in four court registries there is no famous warrant of arrest for Joyce Banda. Perhaps it will be applied soon but not yet. Now there is another report which is suggesting that the Vice President returned hastily back to her hotel and she is seeking an asylum in Zambia, as of now, nobody knows where this is coming from but it is a rumour. Currently the Minister of Foreign Affairs is in Geneva, presenting Malawi's side on human rights, the Civil Society had theirs on Tuesday which essentially claimed Government is killing people. The President Bingu wa Mutharika is on his way to Commonwealth. Such rumours only serve one purpose: damage someones reputation more. After Robert Chasowa's saga where almost everybody was implicated, from Police to Civil Society and some politicians, we need to sit down and reflect what exactly we want to achieve

Chancol to open soon

President Bingu wa Mutharika has through a statement by Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) said he was guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service and ordering that the four lecturers that were dismissed as part of the wrangle be reinstated without preconditions. “The four lecturers should be reinstated without any conditions. The President is gravely concerned with the indefinite closure of 8 months. He strongly feels that the right to education of student were greatly affected,” said a statement read on MBC. The statement further said, “The President is guaranteeing academic freedom within the conditions of service of the University of Malawi. That Government has never and will never place spies in classrooms or within the campuses of University of Malawi.” Mutharika’s statement also said he was appointing a High Level Commission of Enquiry to come up with a common definition of Academic Freedom, the rights of students, and general conditions o

Gaddafi dead: lessons to dictators

Libyan Prime Minister has confirmed the death of his former Leader Muammary Gaddafi is a development many did not expect, as defiant as he seemed, many speculated he had already fled Libya. Only his son Saif Al Islam now remains a futigive. The problem of Gaddafi was when he took Libya as a personal estate instead of a collective nation where everybody was equal just before God and every human being. For 40 plus years he ruled Libya with Iron fist and even forgot thata he never presented himself at the ballot for Libyans to decide after his 1969 coup. I had the privilage of travelling to Libya in 2000 and what I saw, as I would see later in Egypt when Mrs Susan Mubarak addressed the youth was Gaddafi's insistence that he represented the youth through and through. I was shell shocked when a black skinned Mauritanian told me when we run away from the posh Hotel Gaddafi had accomodated us to the market in Tripoli when I heard that all black skinned citizens or immigrants were treated

Gaddafi dead

Killed, dragged in the streets of Sirte, the city he used to develop nepotistically. Dictators should lerns freely that only God can reign more than anything. Humans are all equal and you treat your own with respect, dignity and love, they will allow you to retire and rest in peace. More analysis to follow: go to for more real time coverage on Gadaffi
Human Rights Watch has demanded that Malawi arrest and hand over Al Bashir, President of Sudan wanted by the International Criminal Court of Justice. Malawi is the party to the ICC. Though unlikely the matter will add to the embarrassments of Government at International Community. Read fulll story on President Robert Mugabe is now sheduled to land any time soon at Kamuzu International Airport.

Comesa leaders arrive in Malawi

The Comesa Heads of States summit is only hours away. Nourdine Bourhane, Vice President of the Union of Comoros, arrived yesterday to a warm Lilongwe. First to arrive today was Vice President of Zambia Guy Scott, who told the press he will make a statement later after consulting his team on the ground. He is scheduled to speak to the press soon at his Hotel the Golden Peacock. Scott flew through Johannesburg and arrived on an SAA flight. Kenyan Vice President Steven Kalonzo Musyoka has also arrived minutes after Scott and he was brought in a Kenyan Airways flight. He did not speak to the media. Third to arrive in the afternoon aboard an Ethiopian Airlines flight from Addis Ababa is the Prime Minister of Dhjibouti Dileta Mohammoud Dileta. Expected later is the President of Burundi Pierre Nkozinza, President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe, the King of Swaziland His Majesty Mswati III and President of Sudan Hassan Al Bashir. Will keep you updated throughout the Comesa summit. They are all welc

Robert Chasowa- the revelations

If Civil Society called for demonstrations, would you trust them? Obviously the answer is no. Is Kenneth Msonda, the UDF spokesperson worthy the paper his name is written on, the answer would be no. Thanks to the blood of Robert Chasowa, we now all know what we suspected long time ago, people are serving their own agenda's and very little concerns the poor Malawian. The Weekend headlines rightfully or wrongl focused on the Police dealings with Chasowa, the youngman who unfortunately has achieved fame so much in death than in real life. He offered his service to the Police, met the country's top most cop and agreed on the price, K10 million. But the fact is that he was not alone in plotting to betray many voiceless Malawians who wanted to speak on the crisises that have seen fuel, power and even water challenges become normal. There were Civil Society leaders like Rafik Hajat who until the 16th of August insisted that they would go ahead with the vigils, yet they were speaking t


Resumes later today after four days of internet crash. Read about Malawi's outdated political software.

Steven Jobs dead

The man who made Apple to be what it is today. The greatest American invetor of our generation. Cancer has claimed another high profile name, wake up world do something about this condition killing the best of our society.