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The dullest campaign ever, Free political lecture

There has been some shocks since campaigned opened. The usual suspects were at it about someone being gravely sick or being flown out. I should know after three campaigns the source of such a campaign and rumours. Its called tit for tat, the moment it was announced that Bakili Muluzi is not eligible to return to office, I expected some sort of reaction. The debate changed towards Bingu. Further, I was out during the first week of campaign in Addis, where I met wonderful young people. I thought I would be greeted from the Airport with the campaign phernaphelia but lo there was none. I think the parties have opted for radio and a few newspapers to rely their messages. Interestingly, far from reaching out the masses, I find this campaign as dull. The President is very predictable in what he would say, so too Muluzi. The only one who makes real news and can shock you is John Tembo. I am looking foward to his campaign launch, it will have suprises enough. Looking at the other players, Loven

The gone Parliament and missed opportunities

So the chickens have come back home to roost. March 20 means no more Parliament in Malawi and all ex-honourables are being humbled to account for what they did for me and you in five years they accessed my tax money. Unfortunately, for this Parliament, I can recall useless debates such as impeachments, the said story of Late Rodwell Munyenyembe, the president who was so keen to do away with the house of representatives and an opposition whose muscle felxing left majority of Malawians dumbfounded. Of course thats what kept me working, as I had to write more. I am looking for an article I did for Nation on Sunday which I titled the HOUSE OF SHAME. That was a time insults hurling was at peak. I have so many good Parliamentarians I would want them to come back, at the same time they dont make up even 10 percent of our national assembly. The rest were party zealots I would happily want to see them go. However, they are people outside Parliament I would want them to win. People who made a di

Elections are here, May God Bless my country

The only privilage I can claim to have in the 2009 elections is to be a Journalists, placing me among those at the core centre to process information and add value, should it be so, to the process of informing Malawians. I have a task to analyse manifestos at my office and I have finished just two, the Republican Party and the National Rainbow Coalition. Other parties claim they will release theirs this week. The DPP too already is selling its manifesto though am yet to go through it. The campaigned opened officially on Tuesday but I am out of the country at the African Union offices where I am working on a programme to benefit the young people. So I missed it. But the Friday before that at New State House, the three main contenders President Bingu wa Mutharika, Former President Bakili Muluzi and MCP leader John Tembo signed a memorandum of understanding to end hostilities. Bingu and Tembo didnt look very convinced but they signed, Muluzi as usual was in his carefree mood. I felt sorry

Nyasanet and professional integrity

MNS and a certain man on national web chat nyasanet claims that the story of African Union (AU) mission to Malawi headed by Former President of Ghana John Kufuor and Former President of Mozambique Joachim Chissano is a creative piece of propaganda and that the authors, who includes me have been bribed by State House to write the same. Unfortunately, I only read Nyasanet and dont normally respond to attacks on the media, I respect freedom of opinion and more importantly I believe people who have issues should learn to call others. If in my professional career I am supposed to side with a particular individual then I am sorry to all who believe in that. I have worked for both independent and public broadcasters, there is nobody who has managed to successfully tie me up with a political party. And nobody will ever do that until I join as an individual active politics. I have done stories against by own prospective father-in-law who happens to be in cabinet, he has called me to his office