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Ousmane Owen Munthali 1987-2015, the best of memories

Good morning Mr Munthali. I always responded Good morning Mr. Munthali. He always ended ndimakukondani Achimwene. I would laugh or ask what is it you want. He would say your time, I have nobody to bother now, so you are my choice lets chat. Every call, whatsapp, messenger from Ousmane was something else. He did not see what time it was and neither did he mind that he was inconveniencing you. He said he never applied to be my brother, so since he cant be fired, get used to it and live with it. In 2007 whilst in Johannesburg, we were with Chikwekwe Khonje, is his rugged Fiat, South African Police stopped and searched us. I was furious, Ousmane was laughing after the ordeal I snapped up asking him what was funny about the humiliation of being stopped and searched as potential suspects, he casually said "zilibe woti wachoka ku USA, kaya ndiwe celeb wa newspaper ku Malawi umazunza ma President kwanu, aliyense kuno ndi suspect. Pepa chimwene." I am dark, he could not read I had t