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Ebola: The moral story in International relations

The World Health Organisation has declared stabilization of Ebola cases in West Africa, specifically in Liberia. The release stated "Case incidence is declining in some districts in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, while steep rises persist in other districts," There are nearly 5,000 reported deaths. The WHO said that more than 4,960 people have died of Ebola, mostly in the three African countries worst-hit by the outbreak. It added that over 13,200 cases of Ebola have been reported in the West African states. What has changed the course of Ebola? The realities that Ebola could spread to the Western World, has seen the most frantic efforts outside terrorism for the World to tackle a health crisis in recent months. Just a month ago, Ebola, seemed like an African problem with each dipping a little something to help the poor Africans to get along. Until the cases were reported in the United States, Spain and now even in Ireland. The cases appeared to have gone all the way to Au

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The Cashgate web_ the links between payers, paid and beneficieries

The cashgate web. Down load the link and post in your browser and it will take you to where the web of beneficieries:

The Cashgate Report

Access the names and payments recieved. Some were not able to cash. Copy the link and put it in your browser it will take you to the actual Excel file.

The Last Post for My Friend as he is laid to rest


Adios amigo, adios Dennis Atcheya Chirwa- one day we will meet again

Adios amigo, adios my friend The road we have travelled has come to an end When two love the same love, one love has to lose And it's you who she longs for, it's you she will choose  Adios compadre, what must be must be Remember to name one muchacho for me  I ride to the rio where my life i must spend Adios amigo, adios my friend  Adios compadre, let us shed no tears May all your maƱanas bring joy through the years away from these memories my life i must spend adios amigo adios my friend.-by Jim Reeves When we thought we got it right in our life journey, death bites hard and takes away one of our own. We were four, in 2001, Chiletso Shati then having a shop in area 18A, introduced me to a friend, who instantly turned into a brother Aubrey Kalino. Aubrey one day brought along  friend, Denis Chirwa, who would years later follow me into Journalism and become one of the closest sparing critic in everything I did. Limbikani Nzungu Chisi moved to Lilongwe, the boshitia gang

Changing the way you look- the World is always falling around

If you asked people in the 1950's, the Africans specific, the World was falling around. The colonialists were supposed to go and the self-governing philosophy would entail development. It would mean deciding what Africans wanted, self-rule and quicker development. 50 years down the line, countries that championed such arguments, like Ghana, Zambia, Malawi and even Zimbabwe, there are almost worse off than they were. Today, the same World is falling again. There are conspiracy theories, either the Western World is blocking development, or pettiness and pure tribalism is affecting our development. The arguments now range like in Malawi from Federation to Succession, while in other countries like Sudan, the newly created South Sudan is already into civil war, less than a year it moved out of Sudan. Again the World is falling around, just as it was during liberation struggle, some poisoned minds wants people to move into second liberation fronts, without proper analysis or thinki

Ebola needs attention just like Islamic State

This morning, thousands of West Africans have flown out of their countries-including Ebola affected areas, and alongside many Europeans, Americans, Chinese and fellow southern Africans, they have shared public toilets or plane toilets each heading different direction. Every hour, every trip nowadays brings Ebola close to any part of the world. With millions of people crisscrossing airports, people searching each other physically, attending conferences, falling in love or simply even going for peace keeping operations, the risk of transmitting the fluid contact virus are higher. The Centre for Disease Control and the American National Institute of Health estimates that 5 people, at least every hour in Seirra Leone-one of the worst affected countries alongside Liberia are being infected. Many of those affected do not want to come out for fear of being quarantined. Many have hidden their loved ones and relations for fear of losing them, others simply fearing they wont be able to bury

Called to the Service of Malawi

For many that Malawians that have traveled, lived or visited other countries, the first identity they always bear is that of a Malawian. Nobody readily identifies himself or herself by his tribe, home district or ethnic orientation. The diversity, that's what I call the various tribal or ethic orientations of Malawians, including 9 in Chitipa district alone, has been a great source of pride than division. The crowded nature of our cities, intermarriages and movement and resettlement's across all the 29 districts, has diluted the ethnicity of a particular area. Attempts to shift teachers from other regions to the North in the late 90's saw the majority of schools in one region almost close. The policy, myopic as it was, was short-lived. The majority of Malawians, in the major cities and towns, rarely live with their ethnic-like identities as neighbors, they are from all over the country. The fact that they have lived together, worked or schooled together, many have bec


President: His Excellency Prof. A. Peter Mutharika Vice President: Rt. Hon. Mr. Soulos Chilima Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation: Dr. George Chaponda Minister of Health: Dr. Jean Kalilani Minister of Finance: Mr. Goodall Gondwe Minister of Education: Dr. Emmanuel Fabiano Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs: Mr. Samuel Tembenu Minister of Information, Tourism and Civic Education: Mr. Kondwani Nankhumwa Minister of Labour: Mr. Henry Mussa Minister of Transport and Public Works: Mr. Francis Kasaila Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation: Dr. Allan Chiyembekeza Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture: Ms. Grace Obama Chiume

President A. Peter Mutharika inaugural speeech

INTRODUCTION First of all, I would like to extend a special welcome to Your Excellencies and distinguished guests who have travelled from various countries to witness this momentous occasion. I thank you all for coming to Malawi and it is a great honour to have you here. Your presence is a source of inspiration to us and a demonstration of the confidence and trust that you have in our young democracy. My fellow Malawians, I feel greatly humbled today to be inaugurated as the fifth President of Malawi. A country known for Peace and Calm, Law and Order. A country known for its hard working citizens. A country known for its political tolerance. A country that is safe from internal and external enemies. Today, we begin another leg of 50 years. My fellow Malawians, the next 50 years of our journey presents us with an opportunity to reset our priorities, rethink our strategic focus, redefine Malawi, and make it progressive. Today, we have people from the North, South, Centre and East t

2014 Malawi Elections Results -Congrats Peter, walk the talk now

Congratulations to the DPP family. The battle was great, but they have managed to sway Malawians that they offer the best option. Malawians now look forward to moving on after 10 day comedy that has damaged our nation. Congratulations Soulosi Chilima two, Malawi's 5th Vice President, cant wait for Government reforms to a corporate entity and selling of Malawi to foreign investors. We will again write more on such topics. Justice of Appeal and Chairman from the Malawi Electoral Commission at 11.32pm declared Professor Peter Mutharika as the duly elected 5th Republican President. Here is the breakdown: His Excellency the President-elect: Professor Peter Mutharika (DPP) 1, 904 399- 36.4% Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera (MCP) 1 455 808-Leader of Opposition- 22.8% Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda (PP)  1 056 236 -20.2% Mr. Atupele Muluzi (UDF)717 224-13.7% How will Professor Mutharikas Presidency look like, read the 2009 interview he granted to me which is among the older posts of t

Our democracy, our land, one Malawi

There has never been a time in our history when the country has faced one of its most critical challenge like the one we are facing now. Last night the Chairman of the Malawi Electoral Commission Justice Maxon Mbendera declared the process of the disputed 2014 Tripartite elections free, fair and credible. The only question everyone has, is to whom. The Justice of Appeal went further, describing the 65 anomalies that had been noted as such and not consistent pattern to subvert the will of the people. This was on the eve of a court ruling, that will reclaim Malawi either as a democratic or a chaotic nation. We have become a laughing stock, reduced entirely as a travelling theatre and nobody among our political class seem to care. They all want their positions to prevail. The Courts have been dragged into the mud and for the first time, Malawi's most independent Government branch has come under attack from all sides based on ones political inclination. The biggest question is

Form a Government of National Unity

Malawi is at a crossroads. There is very little that will come from the current election circus. If it is proven of rigging, we have to arrest the rigger and ban them. It will be a crisis. The present danger is that even if one is declared a winner of this election, their legitimacy and ability to govern will be weakened. The elections were a total shamble and the result is not credible. Justice Mbenderas attitude has not been helping matters. Even if we recount so many times, we will have the danger of nobody accepting results. There is one solution, let us from a Government of National Unity for one year. Let us through the government institute electoral reforms and set a date for Presidential elections. All parties should participate in the new Government and elections should be managed by all people. This process has failed Malawi and we are racing against time to time bomb.

Malawi elections recount

I totally agree to the recount, but we should stand firm on our constitution principles people advising JB should know Malawi belongs to us, any damage to it we pay to it. For JB she has worked hard to be where she is, I expect her to guard her legacy and status. Many people across the World believe in her. The decision to cancel the election was wrong and I will always stand by that. God Bless Malawi, keep it a Land of Peace

Malawi elections cancelled

JB won't run and Malawians will decide

Projected Final tally

So far projections across the country are indicating that the Democratic Progressive Party could be returning to power. However it should be stressed that these are unofficials results. The round up figures indicate: Dr. Lazarous Chakwera: President of Malawi Congress Party: 1,400,000. Professor Peter Mutharika: President of the Democratic Progressive Party will have unassailable target of 1,900,000. We will update the blog with indications for each district soon

Emerging Picture from Presidential results and appeal for all voters be allowed to vote

Elections are expensive for everybody. In 1999, the Electoral Commission rejected results from Livombo Community Centre on the basis that they came late. They declared that it was not important in the final outcome. The MCP candidate Sam Gama was declared winner and the results were later nullified by the High Court after UDF candidate Iqbal Omar contended that every voter has a right to vote. Even without one polling station, the Electoral Commission cannot declare anybody a winner. With 150 complaints, they need to be addressed before we know the results. The Electoral Commission has a duty to ensure that every noise is accommodated and addressed promptly with the narrow margins of victory, the country could be set on fire. We appeal to EC to make sure everybody votes and every vote is counted for. Finally for those that took oath to uphold the constitution, the time to show that spirit is now, stand by your constitution, your people and the will of Malawians, decisions we make s

Projections of Members of Parliament

The 193 seats chamber will no longer have a party with an absolute majority. The current projections of the seats in the House stands as follows: 1. Malawi Congress Party: 67 2. Democratic Progressive Party: 44 3. United Democratic Front: 35 4. Independents: 24 5. Peoples Party: 12 6. Chipani Chapfuko The figures represents the current projections only. Many former MPs are making a come back to Parliament from the 2004-2009 including: Balaka North: Lucius Banda Chikwawa North: Harry Thomson Ntchisi South: Nkhosa Kamwendo Ntchisi North East: Boniface Kadzamira We will provide more detailed analysis especially for Blantyre City later in the day.                

National final projected results per districts

Get your calculators and do the maths, akuti nthawi yo sova. Only Blantyre urban and rural, Lilongwe urban, NKhotakota and Mangochi we do no have, if you have send us quickly we do a real declaration:    District.         Professor Peter  Mutharika.               Rev. Dr Chakwera Chitipa.              31  214.                                           7 724.                                 (23 490) Karonga.              29 051.                                            28  065.                             (986) Rumphi.               5 949.                                               11 325.                             (5376) LIkoma.                2 465.                                                1 166.                                (1,299) Mzuzu.                  16 040.                                              20 154.                               ( 4  114) Mzimba                 57. 833.                                              61 490.