Projections of Members of Parliament

The 193 seats chamber will no longer have a party with an absolute majority. The current projections of the seats in the House stands as follows:

1. Malawi Congress Party: 67
2. Democratic Progressive Party: 44
3. United Democratic Front: 35
4. Independents: 24
5. Peoples Party: 12
6. Chipani Chapfuko

The figures represents the current projections only. Many former MPs are making a come back to Parliament from the 2004-2009 including:

Balaka North: Lucius Banda
Chikwawa North: Harry Thomson
Ntchisi South: Nkhosa Kamwendo
Ntchisi North East: Boniface Kadzamira

We will provide more detailed analysis especially for Blantyre City later in the day.                


Unknown said…
Thanks my brother for the good job of updating us. It's really hard to follow every detail of this election, esp, being away from my mother land. But you are doing a very good job of filling up this challenge. Once in a while I am turning to your blog to be kept in the loop. God bless.

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