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How the poor are surviving: lessons from 12 year old Jabesi: Leviticus 23 verse 22

Since December 2012, for reasons beyond political logic I have opted to live in quite rural areas. There are two places that I have stayed quite long, Mzimba boma but daily travelling 40kms into rural village, where I would with a group of 45 or 60 villagers enjoy bonya lunches, bananas and sugar cane while working on a certain project. These villagers, who are so hard working and spirited took me as their own and even when my employers would bring me nice lunch, they always wanted me to share their "mmemo". But behind all the jokes and smiles and talk, there were signs of pain. Food was running out and they kept asking if I could extend the project until "we harvest". Everytime I prayed for that to be true. God answered that each time my boss visited the project he would demand more work, therefore at least 50 or so families really did not hit the lowest of food shortage. I could ask for maize in lieu of payment, my employer, even when maize was selling at K10,00

We are here to preserve democracy and not to practice it- The tale of Peoples Party Leaders

I told you so, is a new song after the kwacha appreciated, well as expected marginally. Swiftly fuel prices have been adjusted downwards, forget that it was imported at a higher kwacha value. Of course maize which leads to inflation have all gone down. Thanks to the magic wand of economic reforms by Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, chiwongolero dziko lonse, Forbes most influential African woman.... the list is getting longer everyday. But for  a patriotic Malawi, desperate for good news, let us celebrate and hope that we get a breather until somewhere in September when we start importing fertilizers and all other small items. May be we should ban importation of all materials locally found, or Dr. Ken Lipenga who is expected to become a long serving Finance Minister in the multiparty era can just introduce high taxes on imported toothpicks and a litany of useless Chinese materials that are all over Lilongwe and other cities. Of course it feels bad everyday to see the youthful Moses

Congratulations to MISA-Malawi winners, Where are Malawian Youth in 2014 Elections?

Congratulations to winners of the Misaa-Malawi Press Freedom various awards. Unfortunately after participating in that lively march from Blantyre Old Boma, I had to rush to a wedding and then the Northern Region for private assignments. I could not celebrate with Phillip Aphillo Pemba, Dumbani Mzale, Wisdom Chimgwede and all other NPL Lilongwe Newsroom winners in various categories. Including a Chief "Bvuto". Finally there is something for everyone in that great newsroom for everyone to smile at. But it was a walking conversation that I had with someone whose business and social intellect surpass multi-decorated professors of Universities that got me thinking as I left Blantyre for Nkhatabay that afternoon. She asked me: Have you thought of what would it be if the current presidential candidates win? Where are the young people of today? They cant take up the challenge! Obviously I pride my label as a Youth Worker not Activist, but I had no answer. Embarrassingly for

A not so happy Press Freedom, TA Bvumbwe and Voice Mhone

Well, today is World Press Freedom Day, I am a Journalist and I am supposed to be celebrating. But today, many colleagues competent and qualified enough lost their jobs a few days ago at the Blantyre Newspapers Limited. With that others are still searching on what to do next. Of course personally I was subject of an article, that sounded strange and well cooked up. I am glad many who know the truth called to laugh with me over it. I always say, dont force me to speak, I will speak when my time comes. After all, I have spoken through all past and present political leadership without fear or favour. I do not hide behind anybody to give out my opinion. If I have information that I believe the public should benefit from, then I created this forum or I will join a media house of my choice. But today its about press freedom, specifically here at home in Malawi. Are there issues to celebrate for in Malawi. I would say yes, there are many issues including the vibrancy of our media. The vig