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Malawi at cross roads

Some news tips will shock you, some will simply leave your mouth open. After a week of sparing with John Kapito on the role of Malawi Human Rights Commission, the Governments usual suspects Symon Vuwa Kaunda and Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba found a new kill in their verbal battle against the Civil Society- they had discovered a project proposal from Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for the Development of the People (CEDEP) worth K100 million or USD700,000 for the promotion of gay rights and involvement of the same group in national response to HIV and Aids. The Honourable Minister of Justice- the Honourable Dr. George Chaponda was loped in and asked to deliver the news, as he put it, as the core reason of conflict between Government and Civil Society groups. Dr. Chaponda, Dr. Ntaba and Vuwa Kaunda stressed that the CHRR was making noise using the Human Rights Consultative Committee beacuse they had money to promote gay rights, a sexual activity criminalised by the