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30 months before General Elections finding DPP alternatives: Why opposition needs to find a candidate today

If you ask anybody who will run for DPP in 2014, even a child will scream that Professor Peter Mutharika is the likely candidate for 2014. The same question sent to the Malawi Congress Party will produce a variety of answers. Some believe John Zenus Ungapake Tembo and others will give you a litany of excuses. In UDF, there is emerging acceptance among many politics weary Malawian that Atupele Muluzi has become a defactor leader of the UDF and the youthful generation in Malawi. He has better chances than any other competitor, his main strength being age, reason and conduct in our muddy politics. But reality is that Atupele has to manage excess baggage that characterises the UDF, that is trying to tame the ever combative George Nga Mtafu, balance the needs of Friday Jumbe and find space to accomodate Cassim Chilumpha. Unfortunately for the young Muluzi, Jumbe and Chilumpha believe its their turn to try their luck at the national ballot. That is where the current fight will not go away so

13 women still die everyday

By the time you finish this article, at least a woman and a child somewhere in Malawi will be breathing their last, not to enjoy their lives due to many shortfalls in our healthcare system including shortage of skilled health workers. As, everybody is looking for solutions to curb such senseless loss of life from preventable deaths, it has pleased the Nurses and Midwives Council to only accredit six colleges, leaving out many the of them based on what Stella Kamphinda, nursing officer for education calls based on its education standards. The month of May is loaded with events commemorating Midwives and Nurses contribution to general health, ironically Nurses and Midwives in Dowa and Nkhotakota districts were fighting for their February and March salaries, leading to their downing of tools. May 5 was the International Day of the Midwife, while May 12 is the International Day of Nurses. Malawi, according to the President of Association of Malawi Midwives (AMAMI) Dr. Address Malata will c