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Malawi will become the next Zimbabwe if...

In 2003, I had a colleague of mine and a son to a Zimbabwean Minister in my favourite African country Swaziland when after having all the fun young people could have, an Angolan lady who we nick named gasosa, asked our politically connected youth activist how he was coping with all the "problems" in Zimbabwe. Gasosa according to the Angolan is a term for corruption in Police service and we thought as we laughed at the translation of gasosa, he would be defensive to what was happening in Zimbabwe. Our colleague simply said "Zimbabwe" is going through challenges after which all the politicians will come together for the common good of the people. In 2008 when I went to cover harmonised elections, I met my colleague, but President Robert Mugabe had lost the election. I travelled wide and far including Mugabe's home near Norton, it was a shame that the veteran leader was being rejected by his own people. People rejected his belief that he was doing something good f

Is there hope for Malawi?

I saw a queue of sugar this morning. I asked myself where are we heading as a nation. I remembered Isaiah 22 verse 3: All rulers are fled together, they are bound by the archers; all that are found in thee are bound together, which have fled from far. Can someone safely say today that they have hope that tomorrow, fuel or sugar will be available? Is there hope that no one will be arrested for criticising Government. Which opposition party offers hope to Malawians that tomorrow they will not make the same mistake the Democratic Progressive Party is making when they are in power. UDF did the same, so too DPP has become the most feared names than loved names in household. I love Mulanje and Phalombe districts for their freshness, that I take every excuse in the Southern Region to drink up at Kara O Mula or drive through Phodogoma up to Chiringa for fun. But last time I stopped somewhere, people were scared even just to mention a name of a place. Let us restore hope to every Malawian by ha

Nyasatimes is true about NPL Journalists

Out of all my work at Nation Publications Limited, one thing I have come to be accosted is accusations of where my loyalty and that of my newspaper lie. Towards 2009 General Elections I did a story on African Union trying to ask former President Bakili Muluzi not to run again. I was instantly accused of being DPP. Some obscene amounts of money were said to have been paid to some of us, unfortunately, that money never reached out pockets. In December 2010, I got a close call from a colleague at the State House, I was warned of appearing on minutes of Journalists who included Raphael Tenthani, Brian Banda and others working for Joyce Banda. I have never worked for Joyce Banda in any capacity, I respect her as a politician and grassroot mobiliser, but I am not a member of any structures of Peoples Party. Even that ridiculous suggestion that we met in Blantyre was strange that someone decided to create minutes that were not only stupid, but undermined our capacity as thinkers that we would

In Christ Alone

The country needs a prayer, after a weekend break will resume my postings tommorrow. Today let us leave the direction Malawi is undertaking to the Lord God Almighty. A worship sing worth singing is entitled In Christ Alone. Here are the lyrics: In Christ Alone lyrics Songwriters: Getty, Julian Keith; Townend, Stuart Richard; In Christ alone my hope is found He is my light, my strength, my song This Cornerstone, this solid ground Firm through the fiercest drought and storm What heights of love, what depths of peace When fears are stilled, when strivings cease My Comforter, my All in All Here in the love of Christ I stand In Christ alone, who took on flesh Fullness of God in helpless Babe This gift of love and righteousness Scorned by the ones He came to save ?Til on that cross as Jesus died The wrath of God was satisfied For every sin on Him was laid Here in the death of Christ I live, I live There in the ground His body lay [From:

Atupele moving to Mwaiwathu

In a Police circus that now has no end, Police are clinging to Atupele Muluzi and have refused to grant him bail citing a certain technicality. Atupele Muluzi officially now is in detention as under Laws of Malawi can hold a suspect up to 48 hours. Jai Banda, Atupeles Lawyer says they are refusing him bail to allow him travel to Blantyre on his own. Atupele is a crowd puller and the movements could see thousands line up from Lilongwe to Blantyre to see this popular politician, fast becoming a symbol of the struggle in Malawi. The blog will be travelling with Atupele's convoy, and real time updates will be posted throughout the journey.

Lawyers still negotiating with Police

As of 7.36pm the news that Atupele Muluzi has been granted Police bail is not accurate. His Laywer Jai Banda has just confirmed that they are still negotiating with the Police. It had been a frustrating process as the Police are now acting illegally since 48 hours has elapsed and they can no longer keep him under custody without Court authority. The law says they must bring him before Court to charge him or be told the reasons he is still being held. Vigil outside the hospital continues....

Atupele still under detention, JZU visits him

Leader of Opposition John Tembo visited Atupele Muluzi Thursday morning. The Machinga North East MP looked tired and weak during lunch hour visits. Police are still holding on to the sick Atupele mantaining a heavy guard outside the clinic. UDF district governor David Ching'amba has called it a misuse of resources as officers could be used for protection of the citizenry than abusing innocent opposing figures. Meanwhile President Bingu wa Mutharika has told off Public Affairs Committee that they cannot ask him to resign as he will not. He says the DPP will rule beyond 2014.

Atupele admitted at City Centre clinic, Lilongwe closes early

Irate youth forced the whole Capital City to close down early after UDF presidential aspirant Atupele Muluzi was moved from Maula Prison ant taken to two clinic before being finally being admitted at City Centre clinic for High Blood pressure. Atupele is in stable condition but UDF faithfuls are mounting vigils at the Hospital, their second night after one at Lumbadzi. Full detailed report soon on the days dramatic events.

Maula in a carnival mood

Drum beatings, and defiant shouts have engulfed the whole Maula prison with Prison wardens now complaining that they are being given a job created by Police. Women clad in yellow UDF attire are singing songs hailing Atupele Muluzi, as hundreds have gathered outside the prison gates, each wanting to see Atupele Muluzi. Police have mounted a road block some 1 kilometre away and stopping everybody along the way and body searching them.

Vice President walks 1km to see Atupele

Police asked Vice President Joyce Banda not to drive to prison making her walk a kilometre to the gates, details coming soon, and more updates coming........

Sympathisers start to arrive at Maula

From about five vehicles of UDF faithfuls many of whom slept at Lumbadzi Police grounds, many are coming now as Prison authorities start processing remand of Atupele Muluzi. The big question is that which Court signed the remand warrant as Courts are completely on strike. His transfer here indicate that he is likely to spend an additional night here. Constitutionally Police have 48 hours to detain a suspect. Maula unfortunately is right at the centre of Lilongwe making it easy for hardcore UDF faithfuls to gather at the Prison than Lumbadzi. Mwati wina waganiza bwanji pamenepa-tensions are likely to flare here today! Next update more details on the mood...

Atupele Muluz at Maula prison

Atupele has just arrived at Maula prison. The convoy was a three vehicle convoy. More coming as sympathisers are still coming.

Atupele Muluzi being moved now

Just confirmed that Police have picked him from Lumbadzi Police station heading towards Lilongwe City. This blog is monitoring the road from Airport as of 6.30 am the convoy is yet to pass.... keep checking ...

Police Officer, UDF official in a brawl as Night vigil begins

Singing saliyekha Atupele and lighting fires as if a vigil is about to start, the mood at Lumbadzi Police station remains defiant as an announcement was made that the 2014 Presidential contender will remain under Police custody. The mainly youthful for dozen crowd has been chanting and mocking Police for being used by politicians to settle scores. Atupeles Aunt, Esnart has also remain among the many UDF officials who include Leader of UDF in Parliament Ibrahim Matola and Mangochi North West MP Alfred Mwechumu. Nobody has moved. Earlier on a free comedy ensued at the gates of the Police station where the Police Mobile Services officers have been trying to provoke the crowds by option to be rude to some who want to go into the compound. Around six pm, the officer manning the gate tried to lift a UDF official out of the gate area, but he was over powered and his blows were all defused by the official who told him, "I am just respecting your uniform but I can beat the hell out of you.

Atupele Muluzi at Lumbadzi Police station

Esnart Muluzi, Aunt to Atupele has been very vocal against Police conduct at Lumbadzi Police station. Lawyer Kalekeni Kaphale arrived shortly after the arrival of Lexa Chalera, head of Criminal Investigations Department. An angry Police Mobile Service Officer, looking very high has just rejected my request to get into the premises. He refused to give me the reasons of such refusal of an entry to a public place. Dozens of UDF supporters are promising a vigil, could this spark a new wave of demonstrations, will keep you posted.........

Police arrest Atupele Muluzi

UDF Presidential contender Atupele Muluzi has been arrested. He was arrested at Bunda Police roadblock some twenty minutes ago. He was taken to Lilongwe Police station and now a convoy of four Police vehicles and his vehicle has been seen going towards Area 30 Police, we are following them.

Who will tell the King, he is naked?

There are two stories that I love reading them again and again. The Emperors New Clothes and George Orwell's Animal Farm. This week is quite a difficult week for Malawi rulers, whatever they decide to do or not do, it will define the legitimacy and strength of their leadership. Malawi is rocked in different crisis, all of whom can be solved if everybody went sober and tried to look at the deep cause of the current economic, political and social crisis without putting on political glasses. Stopping political rallies, arresting activists and using intimidatory language will not make the current crisis go away, just like Civil Society giving ultimatums to what seems to be a deaf Government. The problem seems to be the type of information each side has. Government strongly believes there is organised rebellion led by Oppositions, Donors, Media and Civil Society and is acting like a boxed cat fighting for survival. Those next to the 'bwana' should stop creating a fantasy of regi


THE FUTURE OF MALAWI AWARDS Motto: aspire.strive.achieve Theme: I represent PRESS RELEASE Saturday, 17th March 2012 NOMINATIONS OPEN: BLACK JACK DEBUTS ON FUTURE MALAWI AWARDS, ATUPELE MULUZI GAINS MORE NOMINATIONS AND NYASATIMES GAINS MORE NOMINATIONS IN SECOND WEEK The Future Malawi Awards nominations of young Malawians of Excellence opened online on Martyrs day, 3rd of March 2012. The second week running from 9th to 16th March 2012 recieved a record 1,230 nominations. There are four major debutants to the nominations list, Black Jack of Wadya Iwe Fame, Poet Yolanda Kaluma, Mike Bango of Zodiak Broadcasting Station and Professor Peter Mutharika (in category of people who are working for the Youth) Machinga North East MP Atupele Muluzi remained strong in Young Politician of the Year category, while Nyasatimes registered the largest nominations in the second week in all categories. The nominations continue until May 14 and we will post all nominated every week with the numbers of the

Teargas, arrests and Public Affairs committee- it may not be 60 days!

There is a lot of sense for Government to wait and do proper research before responding to the Public Affairs Committee ultimatum to President Bingu wa Mutharika, to fix the situation especially on governance and relations or leave State House in the next 57 days. The hope and prayer for every Malawian is that it will not be arrogance and self justification, but a response that will calm Malawians to know they have a leadership that cares.Unfortunately there are people trying to make any response to be given look like a useless piece of Public Relations. After July 20, one would have expected a tactful approach of Government in dealing with the general public. The truth for everyone to see things on the ground are bad, taxes are high, prices are souring everyday despite how much someone in Government might shout that someone is sabotaging the economy. The deficit we have on our import bill is now huge, in 2009 it was 770 million dollars as we managed to raise only 945 million locally o

The 60th Day is 14th May- Count down begins

Well there is breaking news that can wait, but we will be doing the count down here everyday. We will reflect the seven years of President Bingu wa Mutharika and see of possible that after 60 days he will resign. The Public Affairs Committee meeting might have made a declaration but the decision rests with Malawians. July 20 lessons are free and plenty, it will be the young people in front and the organisers in the back or some literally running away. Now without the courts, who will issues injunctions or stop demonstrations. Anarchy, Malawi now needs real Leadership and divine intervention. We do not need to answer a mistake with a mistake. Later in the day we will discuss the feasibility of holding a referendum or if really President Mutharika will resign. The political temperatures have just gone up, we need sober people to calm down and not inflame them further, unfortunately looking at the ruling party-the DPP or at the Opposition, daggers are drawn already. Civil Society and Rel

Mabvuto Banda tells Kaliati-DPP cheated Malawians

Nation Publications Limited Bureau Chief for Lilongwe Mabvuto Banda this morning told Government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati that her party cheated Malawians as evidenced by what is happening now.Here is what transpired this morning at the Central Office of Information: Mabvuto: Why is Government so scared about PAC meeting. Traditionally we have always have these meetings where people decide their future. It was there in 1992-93 to end the one party regime of Banda and the same happened in 2002 when people stopped the third term. You were there you supported the third term. That is the feeling of many people. Kaliati: Government is not scared but it is concerned with the castigation. They are just castigating everybody without any solutions. If they are serious why cant they focus on issues than castigation. The question is yours, dont say people are saying this, that is your opinion. Even yourself you have not offered solution. Mabvuto: That is not my job to offer solutions, I

Harry Thomson joins DPP, Bingu says I was in Nigeria

How to make your spokespersons look daft. The President has told a rally in Zomba he was in Nigeria after weeks of frantic rejections by his spokespersons. Harry Thomson who announced his retirement from politics has joined the DPP. 2014 is heating up!

State House, Mwenefumbo slow down

This week we had two important sets of visitors, the World Bank and An assistant Secretary of State from the United States of America. For a Government currently facing massive challenges and the worst International image, this was the week it could be at its best pretending to be a good boy. In this administration, I feel sorry and this week greatly sorry for two souls. Professor Peter Mutharika and Dr. Ken Lipenga, who after all is said and done will be judged by the public as liars and failures in their capacities. Professor Peter Mutharika is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and since his appointment has been to the majority of the G7 capitals and a few others trying to speak and restore our battered image. The deaths of July 20, the murder of Robert Chasowa, the ban of advertising in the Nation and section 46 and the careless speeches against those that could help us, continues to produce the crisis we are in. I have avoided blogging while waiting for fuel for a good 17 hours, neit

The Future of Malawi Awards- first week nominations March 3-8

THE FUTURE OF MALAWI AWARDS THE FUTURE AWARDS Motto: aspire.strive.achieve Theme: I represent PRESS RELEASE Friday, 9th March 2012 NOMINATIONS OPEN: FIRST WEEK OF THE FUTURE AWARDS REVEAL SILENT YOUNG ENTREPRENUERS The Future Awards nominations of young Malawians of Excellence opened online on Martyrs day, 3rd of March 2012. Though to a slow start, the young Malawians who have shown leadership qualities have started being nominated in the 20 categories that represents the various sectors of society. The the first week revealed of a 27 year old entreprenuer many have not heard of and also a young professional that is a lecturer at Mzuzu University. The nominations continue until May 14 and we will post all nominated every week with the numbers of their nominations. Email to, twitter @futureawards or facebook group: The Future of Malawi Awards. Just drop a name and the category. The other nominees are the 20 Malawians who worked hard to develop the Young People o

Julius Malema, Vladmir Putin, Coup plot and Israel- Iran War

We it has been quite an entry into the third month of 2012. The month of March, which in Malawi starts with a very important day. The 3rd of March- it is a Martyrs day, the day we remember our dead heroes whom on a similar day in 1959 were killed by the British Colonial Government for demanding self-rule and independence. This is one of the few Holidays each Malawi agrees to and reveres. But our political class this year decided to defecate the memory of these great souls who gave their blood and souls for the freedom of my country. They decided to politic through out the holiday weekend. First it was Mzimba North MP Goodall Gondwe, who out all of the places decided to use the most sacred grounds- Nkhatabay- where the greatest massacre took place to tell the world that people were plotting to topple the duly elected Government of the Republic of Malawi. Had he said it on another day, one could have thought he had sensitivity of the place and memory it holds to make such nonsensical cla