Atupele moving to Mwaiwathu

In a Police circus that now has no end, Police are clinging to Atupele Muluzi and have refused to grant him bail citing a certain technicality. Atupele Muluzi officially now is in detention as under Laws of Malawi can hold a suspect up to 48 hours.
Jai Banda, Atupeles Lawyer says they are refusing him bail to allow him travel to Blantyre on his own. Atupele is a crowd puller and the movements could see thousands line up from Lilongwe to Blantyre to see this popular politician, fast becoming a symbol of the struggle in Malawi.
The blog will be travelling with Atupele's convoy, and real time updates will be posted throughout the journey.


Phiri Phiri said…
On whose instructions are they stilk clinging to him?Is it the reason why they don't want to resolve the Judiciary strike so that they should take the law into their hands?Is this country being led or iys on autopilot?Kodi anthu saamatenga phunziro.Today its them tomorrow its you ndimmene zikhaliratu
Hermmzy said…
Let no man think we can deny civil liberty to others and retain it for ourselves. When zealous agents of the government arrest “political activists” with or without warrant, hold them without prompt trial, deny them access to counsel and admission of bail....we have shorn the Bill of Rights of its sanctity...

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