Is there hope for Malawi?

I saw a queue of sugar this morning. I asked myself where are we heading as a nation. I remembered Isaiah 22 verse 3: All rulers are fled together, they are bound by the archers; all that are found in thee are bound together, which have fled from far.
Can someone safely say today that they have hope that tomorrow, fuel or sugar will be available?
Is there hope that no one will be arrested for criticising Government.
Which opposition party offers hope to Malawians that tomorrow they will not make the same mistake the Democratic Progressive Party is making when they are in power. UDF did the same, so too DPP has become the most feared names than loved names in household.
I love Mulanje and Phalombe districts for their freshness, that I take every excuse in the Southern Region to drink up at Kara O Mula or drive through Phodogoma up to Chiringa for fun.
But last time I stopped somewhere, people were scared even just to mention a name of a place.
Let us restore hope to every Malawian by having our leaders listen to the pain of standing to buy a packet of sugar.
This is very disgraceful for a Nation that just three years ago was seen as a successful nation on the path to achieving Millennium Development Goals
I was a proud Malawian, when I travelled and people asked me how is Malawi, I said we have a President who knows what he is doing for a change.
Our economy rose, our esteem was high, many young Malawians trekked out and about, some flying as far as China just to do business. I flew with many ambitious Malawians picking up everything they thought symbolised a successful nation.
Today, we fight at filling stations and now push each other in shops fighting for a packet of sugar.
This is not politics or hating of the DPP, but the truth be told, Malawians fighting for a packet of sugar is unheard of in my lifetime. Someone will say people fought for maize husks, to me is all the same, for a party patting itself for achievements should be ashamed of long queues and find solutions.
Unfortunately hearing some people speak in Government, there is no hope that a better tomorrow is anywhere near. People in power are in combative mood.
I just make a simple request to every political leader of influence, when you open your mouth does it inspire hope to Malawians that a better tomorrow is coming?


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