The 60th Day is 14th May- Count down begins

Well there is breaking news that can wait, but we will be doing the count down here everyday. We will reflect the seven years of President Bingu wa Mutharika and see of possible that after 60 days he will resign. The Public Affairs Committee meeting might have made a declaration but the decision rests with Malawians.
July 20 lessons are free and plenty, it will be the young people in front and the organisers in the back or some literally running away.
Now without the courts, who will issues injunctions or stop demonstrations.
Anarchy, Malawi now needs real Leadership and divine intervention. We do not need to answer a mistake with a mistake.
Later in the day we will discuss the feasibility of holding a referendum or if really President Mutharika will resign.
The political temperatures have just gone up, we need sober people to calm down and not inflame them further, unfortunately looking at the ruling party-the DPP or at the Opposition, daggers are drawn already.
Civil Society and Religious groups equally are already drawn into the battle ring, who will save Malawi as the count down begins, who will stand up for soberness as the fight starts.
This time its no longer a kids game, its survival of the fittest, only men will stand the heat!


Edwin Munthali said…
The boys will be separated from men. Hope God will help us.

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