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Happy Valentines day Bingu n Callitsa!

Of course it is the wish of every Malawian to be at the New State House today, reason- President Bingu wa Mutharika and his new found love Callitsa Chapola are getting engaged. All media houses except the one I work for and a few private ones have been invited to the private engagement. I was not sure whethere to cry for the lost opportunity to watch a President engage or smile for the day off where I would call my set valentine for a pizza day out. Most of us at our paper are patriotic Malawians but someone seems to have different thoughts that scheming day and night on how to "punish" the paper. Now after the verocious opposition of 2004=09 was tamed, perhaps it is percieved that independent papers can be called "opposition.' Just two days ago I met a good freind who is influential in the controverisal Mulhako wa Lhomwe and we discussed a number of things including what he termed as an offer for a proper job that I moved out of my work place.I smiled and laughed an