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AKB: Measure of a Giant

There is a lot that will be said and written about Aleke Banda. Many will associate with him about the many heart touching moments with AKB. I knew him from many sides, as a Minister, as a grandfather and as an advisor- even on controversial stories- he was willing to listen to me and give me advice. I am thankful to God for such a gift to Malawi. For years to come his values and beliefs will shape my thinking. Go ye well Ada, at least the human flesh pain is over and you have reached in Gods arms: Out of Tukombo a son came From Que Que a patriot was shaped In prison a revolutionary was made At Capital Hill a servant of the people was placed How do you measure Measure of a humble giant You sacrificed your youth ideas You were incancerated for your belief in freedom You were jailed for the truth Yet you never were bitter Yet you never spoke ill of anybody How do you measure Measure of a giant From Targetted subsidy to Manure making campaign From Malawi News to the Nation Publication