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Malawi in crisis;Bingu should bring back experience

I thought the fuel shortage would be something like a two day thing that would not warrant any comment fro many people. But third week into the problem, nobody seems to have answers and Government is nowhere making timely updates despite promises last week that trucks had started moving from Mozambique and some 2.2 million litres was docked in Dar es Salaam. Of course the President was on his Kucheza ndi a Malawi programme, something that has become a very interesting programme as after each broadcast, it leaves everyone wondering if my old man has advisers or he is being fed up with lies. One blue lie that he was fed up with was the quota system and Mzuzu corner which is located in a Cafetaria of Chancellor College of the University of Malawi. Some told my President that the corner which is in an open view is used by professors of Northern region origin to leak exams to Northern Region students something that has created imbalance in upper services as, according to the president the N