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To 2012/13 Blogger of the Year, President Joyce Banda and the Youth of Malawi

Well, tomorrow Misa-Malawi on May 3, 2013 will announce Malawi's blogger of the year. I wish to congratulate the winner as I was ineligible in the preceding year and more importantly as it was an inaugural award. Interestingly it is the only award I received locally despite the many prestigious certificates and awards of merits on different topic. I have always been proud of my award as the blog was a personal initiative, of the few after my youth work that I got from my own personal effort. After a few false starts in January, many of my blogger followers, whom now directly number 16,000 across the World and with my all time peak of 200,000 hits a day during the July 20, 2011 demonstrations asking me to return to writing. Today I am proud to announce my official return to writing after a break of nine months and more importantly to make this blog, your blog, guide and decision making process for 2014 general elections. I am proud to say that I have, through my work in the pa

Guess who will eat Bonya 2014 series on twitter

The series analyzing current political strength of political parties in individual districts on @kondwamunthali twitter have been temporarily suspended until next Monday 14 but you can still enjoy many series on current political situation like how other parties have reacted to Atupele Muluzi being invited to Uhuru Kenyatta inauguration. Enjoy the blogs wit on twitter and read politics from a humour side. Follow @kondwamunthali now . 

One Year later on Animal Farm

The online jokes about Governance are back. The one that starts with Joyce Banda, Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth all went somewhere..... they reminded me of days just before July 20, 2011 and much later the days before Bingu wa Mutharika, Malawi's third president collapsed and died. These texts always have one meaning, somewhere people are getting angry, somewhere things are not happening the way they are supposed to meet our expectation. But somewhere the music is louder, some are mourning the passing of Late Bingu, remembering his good side, his colour dreams, his contribution to Malawi. The other side there are celebrations, marked by military parade and another a political rally. Along Chilambula road, oops Paul Kagame Highway as our Leaders would want us to believe and call it, a woman is breast feeding her two twins, sitting on a dusty pavement on a queue to Admarc to access at least 10 kilogrammes of staple food-maize for her to survive for another week. A sad memori