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Chief Justice was involved in the plot, says President Joyce Banda

This is from an interview she granted with Guardian UK, you can find the whole story through: In the interview, she revealed the inside story of how Mutharika's sudden death pushed Malawi to the precipice of a coup. By 6 April,  the news had spread worldwide  yet there was still no official confirmation inside Malawi itself. The cabinet met secretly in an attempt to thwart Banda and install Mutharika's brother, Peter, as acting president. Ministers held a press conference "in the middle of the night" on state television, she recalled, "telling the nation that I had no authority to act as president, that they were making arrangements to take over, that after all the president was OK and recovering. And all the while he was dead the previous day at 12 o'clock." On 7 April, South Africa confirmed Mutharika's death and Malawi's cabinet sought a court ord

The Three Honourable Ministers: Dr. Chilumpha, Ralph Kasambara and Atupele Muluzi

Instead of analysing the Cabinet, I have decided to skip it as it is quite a political strategy on part of President Joyce Banda than really putting people on merit that this Cabinet represents. As for me, I think discussing some three Cabinet Ministers Dr. Cassim Chilumpha, Hon. Ralph Kasambara and Hon. Atupele Muluzi is crucial today before some of them take their oath of office. Dr. Chilumpha and Ralph Kasambara have served in Government before and particularly Kasambara his first stint as Attorney General is not well remembered as we saw more people being arrested on trivial and serious charges including Dr. Chilumpha himself. Ralph Kasambara absolved himself to the Malawian public when after his firing, he made it  a personal crusade to fight for Human Rights for the oppressed. The Kasambara I shared the stage in December at Chancellor College at the inaugural event of YADEMA, was a mature, principled and a man with a purpose. He inspired home that with time, he had become a g

Full Cabinet List

H.E the State President: Mrs. Joyce Banda Vice President and Minister of Health: Rt. Honourable Khumbo Kachali Minister of Agriculture and Food Security:  Hon. Peter Mwanza M.P Minister of Foreign Affairs:  Hon Ephraim Mganda Chiume M.P Minister of Information: Dr. Moses Kunkuyu M.P Minister of Transport and Public Works: Hon. Sidik Mia M.P Minister of Economic Planning: Hon Atupele Muluzi M.P Minister of Justice and Attorney General: Hon Ralph Kasambara Minister of Irrigation and Water Development: Ritchie Muheya M.P Minister of Finance: Dr. Ken Lipenga Minister of Education, Science and Technology:  Hon. Eunice Kazembe M.P Minister of Labour:  Hon. Eunice Makangala Minister of Local Government and Rural Development: Hon. Grace Maseko M.P Ministers of Home Affairs: Hon.Uladi Mussa M.P Minister of Trade and Private Sector Development: Hon. John Bande M.P Minister of Energy and Mining: Rt. Hon. Dr. Cassim Chilumpha M.P Minister of Environment and Climate Change: Hon. C

My Dream Cabinet: let Malawians debate add comments please

When God answers prayers, many forgot it is him that has done so. Many opportunists have appeared on the scene now, each claiming to love Joyce Banda than her foot soldiers in the Peoples Party. The foot soldiers include her Sisters Cecilia and Anjimile, the bodyguards who gave their lives, the boys and girls who included that mad cook friend of mine, Ruth Govati and her husband Tim, the many staff that despite the fear, threats and intimidation stood with her. I am talking of the foot soldiers Khumbo Kachali, Mary Makungwa, Clement Stambuli, Salim Bagus, Kizito Ngwembe, that Ntchisi based Campaign Director, Lawrence Mpofu, Mai Basikolo, Che Msosa, Steven Mwenye, Henry Chibwana, Chivunde, Agnes Nkusa Nkhoma, that Regional Director of Women Central, Jane Banda. I am talking of people like Paul Maulidi and others who travelled the road when it was rough, when nobody liked it and when people feared their jobs. I am talking of those women and youth who danced and protected Joyce Band

The Joyce Banda I know and trust

I came to know President Joyce Banda after my mother had won the Business Woman of the Year title and the late Mary Kaphwereza Banda was the Minister. I never thought much about that smiling face which patted us on the head. In 2002 when I joined the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, she was Chairperson of ADMARC, but by then she had already won the Hunger prize and some of my closest relations or freinds were going to the new school in Chimwankhunda called the Joyce Banda foundation. There was a UDF Women Action Group and they decided to travel wide and far and support fellow women and other potential UDF candidates. She supported them by providing them transport, paying for Journalists allowances but she never appeared at any of their rallies. Everybody knew JB was a politician, but her Husband Chief Justice Richard Banda was in office, she respected the office until he retired thats when we knew JB the politician. In 2003 UDF had a convention following the failure of the Presid

JB's appointments not inspiring

Well, I tried to write mostly about the funeral, but much of it had already been written. I would have be breaking news this afternoon about the appointments the Office of the President and Cabinet was making, but I was travelling. But well you kept visiting the blog and you expect most of the times my opinion. I will start with first things first, the appointment of the Robert Chasowa Commission of Inquiry will help rest the matter that almost got some people attack us, but now the truth will no longer hide. I think that is one of the best appointments President Joyce Banda has made. I am still waiting for the July 20 Commission and its outcome. I do not think we should wait for the first anniversary of the death of 21 people to have the results. We need the report as soon as yesterday. I briefly commented on the appointments of Moses Kunkuyu and Benson Tembo, but mostly I reserved my comments for an analysis after the funeral of President Bingu wa Mutharika. But anyway we are d

President Bingu wa Mutharika 1934-2012: A fighter worth mentioning

On Monday, April 16, 2012 I was among the ordinary people that went to National Assembly and viewed the remains of Malawi's third President Bingu wa Mutharika as he lay in state. I was touched by the many ordinary people who turned up. I overheard some notorious young people who said they came to confirm that he is dead, but there were many, ordinary rural Malawians who said they had come to believe that the man they saw as their saviour and who provided them with subsidy fertiliser is gone. My car keys went missing, so I had plenty of time at Parliament building to reflect on this gentleman who came from nowhere to dominate our lives for close to 8 years. I first met Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika at Area 15 residence of Dr. Charles Namondwe, then Commissioner for Culture. The Namondwe Children are very close freinds, having gone to school with the late Washington, and later their mother Lonely Mlumbe was among the initial trustees of our youth organisation. She personally donated furnitu

Khumbo Kachali has been sworn in

Malawi has its fourth Vice President, he is Khumbo Kachali, former MP for Mzimba South West. He was sworn in at 11.50am by Cheif Justice Lovemore Munlo. President Joyce Banda attended the ceremony at the Mtunthama Residence

First Gentleman refuses a convoy

In a dramatic change to the way things are done by First Couples, Malawi's First Gentleman Retired Chief Justice Richard Banda SC, yesterday shocked Police officers and State House staff when he refused to use a convoy and asking them if he was "the President." The staff were following the tradition especially by the Former First Lady, who was accorded a full convoy with Police escorts and sirens whenever she travelled, live coverage on State Radios and the title Her Excellency. The Retired Chief Justice for Malawi and Swaziland wanted to go on a personal errand and asked for transport, and the Police officers immediately summoned a whole convoy, as was the case with the Former First Lady. Justice Banda when shown the vehicle which was a convoy, he asked, "Am I the President here? I cannot use this?" and returned in the House. A Police officer from State House says, "We were surprised with such humbleness, but I can tell you it is something that we discuss

Police Headquarters on Fire

No, the main Police headquarters building is not on fire. The fire was at the workshop in a food store room. The building is about 700 metres from Police Headquarters. The fire brigade put it out. Just visited the place and spoken to National Police spokesperson Dave Chingwalu.

Khumbo Kachali, Mose Kunkuyu and Zodiak Debate one should not miss

Moses was this morning sworn in as President Banda's choice of the new Minister of Information. I am told the young man at the peak of the Hope Alliance when everybody was running away from him, he kept pushing and talking to some Members of Parliament to join him. Many opted to leave him and "his madness" as one Minister famously said. Congratulations to Moses. Then there is Khumbo Kachali who suddenly has become a subject of debate as to whether he qualifies to be Vice President of Malawi. I am not sure I understand the question of Khumbo, the cool giant who for long has been very open on many issues. Nobody raised an eyebrow when Kachali was made Vice President of the Democratic Progressive Party, Chief Whip and a Cabinet Minister. Why should his elevation to manage the State be different from other roles. After all, the Vice Presidency really depends on the President and as we saw with Joyce Banda, she was left with nothing on her plate after a pyramid of lies against

Bingus vigil shunned

The visit to State House this morning, none of the Democratic Progressive Party officials were at the House. The sad thing is that only the family has to bear his departure. The DPP and others enior officials should not have done what they have done. They miscalculated politically and now they will pay dearly. I hope God will comfort the family. The DPP officials should go and attend the vigil in honour of their President. They are becoming more than a shame.

President Banda and mourning Bingu wa Mutharika

The blog has been quite for sometime due to a delibarate Policy to see what the new administration is all about. The other part is the unbelievable stupidity of the loud mouths in the Democratic Progressive Party who today want to heap all the blame on the departed President Bingu wa Mutharika. One of the loudest is Zomba Central MP Yunus Mussa, who made the President, then Vice President Joyce Banda cry day and night. He wanted to destroy the Peoples Party at all costs. The President I still recall one evening called me, almost in tears, "My son they have arrested another set of people, what should I do." There was nothing she could do. There is a woman in Zomba known as Mai Basikolo, there is Lawrence Mpofu- the major target of the Mussa's machinery and there are many others who decided they will follow and die for Joyce Banda long time ago. I was so amused by declaration of loyalty by Yunus Mussa and how quickly he forgot the pain he inflicated on others. It was not th

MBC's Mzati Nkolokosa sent back

Military Police are reportedly sent back at MBC gates, the matter is being verified....

President Joyce Banda to be sworn in today

This afternoon, Malawi will have the first woman President, Her Excellency Joyce Banda. Malawians and their constitution have prevailed. Let us mourn President Bingu wa Mutharika with honour and dignity.

Inspector General Peter Mukhito

Is also present at press briefing by the Vice President. The constitution will be respected, God Bless all Malawians for a peaceful transition.

Joyce Banda to assume power

Currently meeting Chief Secretary Bright Msaka, Attornery General Justice Maxon Mbender and Army Commander General Odillo. Two members of the Cabinet have openly sided with Vice President, with Sadik Mia, Minister of Transport being present at the Joyce Banda conference. Justice Minister Ephraim Mganda Chiume has arrived at the State Residence in Area 12. Others are Civil Society and politicians such as Uladi Mussa, Dr. Cassim Chilumpha and Henry Phoya. Officiall power is changing hands. May the SOUL of Ngwazi Professor Bingu wa Mutharika Rest In Peace

A special opinion by Suzgo Kaluluma; Joyce Banda should take charge

The blog is now accepting your opinions for publishing here email or use facebook inbox. Publishing is at the blogs discretion : I applaud Her excellency the Vice President of Malawi and her legal advisers for taking charge of the situation that has befallen our nation. It is irresponsible to rely on the appointed cabinet to clarify the situation for Malawi. The appointed cabinet stands to benefit from the uncertainty and the delay. The VP is absolutely right to request her own medical confirmation of the President's state of health. As soon as she has that confirmation from medically qualified professionals, it is incumbent on her to then address the nation share that information and demonstrate true leadership. I presume she will be speaking to the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice (the two other leaders of the legislative bodies of the land). There should not be speculation, the fact of death or mentus compus is a simple matter of fact to b

Transfer power, Peter could save his legacy, Chief Justice and Speaker address Malawians

After the ill advised press briefing by some Government Ministers yesterday, we wake up as a nation much angry, anxious and more importantly a democracy the whole world is watching. I wish Honourable Patricia Kaliati had not used the words "Joyce Banda is not eligible" due to the fact that she formed a party whilst a Vice President. At this critical hour, that saves as an insult to all well thinking Malawians and more dangerous as it keeps being repeated across the country. The Chief Justice Right Honourable Lovemore Munlo, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet Bright Msaka, the Speaker of Parliament Right Honourable Henry Chimunthu Banda and the Security organs Chiefs, the Inspector General of Police and the MDF Commander have this morning an obligation to rise the occassion. These people knows the true status of President Bingu wa Mutharika, they know the constitution and at this hour, Malawi needs them more. The departed President's family too have an obliga

Government should save Malawi pain and chaos

Minister Kaliati says Joyce Banda is not eligible as she formed her party. She says there is vacancy. They maintain silence on the condition of the President. Bakili Muluzi are misleading. They say no plans to convene Parliament. She says Parliament has no role. She says a statement on the condition of the President will be met. In conclusion, an empty statement and more dangerous that it can incite Malawians than keeping silence. The Ministers who attended are Patricia Kaliati, Jean Kalirani, Kondwani Nankhumwa, Nicholas Dausi, Vuwa Kaunda and Henry Mussa.

Peter, DPP new President, let Joyce Banda take over

Without confirming the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has decided to elect Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mutharika to acting president of the party. Inside sources indicated that three quarters of the NGC consulted before the meeting and agreed that the Vice President Joyce Banda should take over and the matter was not tabled after the leadership noted discontent. The nomination of Peter was made by Ken Zikhale Ng'oma, Director of Campaign for the Party and supported vehemently by Vice Presidents Goodall Gondwe, Yunus Mussa and Vuwa Kaunda and Patricia Kaliati. "The feeling is that if we flout the constition, the International Community will descend on us and all future are in jeropady. It is illegal to declare someone President outside the constituion," said a member of the NGC describing the mood as sombre. The meeting lasted only 40 minutes. The NGC felt the issue of acting presidency should be delt with by the Ca

Mutharika never went to Milpark Hospital

Malawi is at crossroads. President Bingu wa Mutharika was never admitted at Milpark Hospital as suggested by Government as it has been found. All indications, medical, DPP, family and others sources indicate the President sadly passed away yesterday and he is at a funeral home in South Africa. Medical records from Milpark Hospital indicate 16 people were at the Intensive Care Unit this morning at the Hospital and none of the President. Former President Bakili Muluzi has called for a consitutional order and allow the Vice President to assume the office of the President. There are reports of some people in the ruling party trying to force Parliament to convene and change the constitution not to allow the Vice President to assume office. It is the prayer of this blog, that constitutional order will prevail and that the Legacy, Honour and Dignity of the President will be honoured by allowing peace and constitutional order to prevail.

President Mutharika at Milpark Hospital

The President arrived at Milpark Hospital at around 2.30am. He is in critical condition according to doctors at the Hospital. He suffered cardiac arrest as he is at the Cardiac unit of the hospital. The blog will update every hour through out the day or breaking as it happens. Today is Good Friday, pray for the Presidents life and quick healing.

The Presidents ambulance departing KIA

Finally the six vehicle convoy arrived a few minutes ago, and the embraer Med Air80Y is now departing Kamuzu International Airport destined for Lanceria Airport. Mutharika confirmed in the plane. Used cargo area. This is 12.15am.

The President nowhere in sight

Kamuzu International Airport is normally closed by 5pm. Lights are still on and there is a South African Plane call sign Med Air 80y, an embraer brazilian made with four people who came with it. Sources indicate two were doctors and rushed to Kamuzu Central Hospital. They have not returned. The reported departure of the Presidential motorcade at KCH was a hoax as close family members say he is on life support at the Hospital. Understandably they wanted to clear the area to ensure that some of the machines can be moved alongside. Reports that he has used the Air Wing are not correct as the Airwing control tower is in bad shape, no landing and take off lights and poor runway which has not been maintained. This blog will leave the airport when lights go off, keep checking......

Bingu's condition uncertain

The Government machinery has left Kamuzu Central Hospital including the First Lady and the son and daughter of the President. She left at 2.55pm. This blog will update you soon.... President Bingu wa Mutharika is currently at Kamuzu Central Hospitals Intensive care unit where he was rushed to after repotedly suffering from a cardiac arrest. The President according to eye witness at the Hospital arrived in a three vehicle convoy of which included an Dark Green Toyota Land Cruiser ambulance whose number plates were changed at the Hospitals car park. State House security detail cleared the car park and moved patients and hospital workers to Out Patients Department, according to a Hospital worker, and the President was ferried on a stretcher into the Hospitals Intensive Care Unit. The Nation arrived at the Hospital at 11.45 and found the Presidents brother Professor Peter Mutharika conferring with Chief Secretary to the President Bright Msaka. Director of National Intelligence Services


CCAP NKHOMA SYNOD 2012 PASTORAL LETTER “Exercising Our Faith through Prayer, In Our Time, In Our Nation” Preamble We, the CCAP Nkhoma Synod Ministers greet you in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus the author and perfector of our faith. We celebrate His suffering, death and resurrection during this period of Lent as we appreciate the salvation which He dearly bought for us. It is in this spirit of this celebration that we write you to share with and remind you on a few things pertaining to our Christian responsibility as a church. As a Church, we are concerned with individual Christian lives and the welfare of our nation. Therefore, we have to exercise our faith through prayer, in our time, in our nation. After all, the right to exercise our faith is also enshrined in our Republican Constitution. This year is a very special one for CCAP Nkhoma Synod because we have clocked 50 years since the Dutch Reformed Church Mission handed over the church to Malawian leadership in 1962. The

Nkhoma Synod Pastoral Letter Highlights

note this is an abridged version developed by this blog and represents the highlights of the Pastoral letter. If copyrighted provide the link to this abridged version. Vote of Thanks Further the Church continues to pursue various projects such as Nkhoma University and Nkhoma Radio. We are determined to fund these projects from our own resources, by the Grace of God. It has to be made known to you that some of the pledged funds towards Central Fund including the K10 million promised to us by the State President on June 5, 2011 at Lilongwe Golf Club have not been honoured yet. So we would like to appeal to all people and congregations to honour their pledges. A. SOCIAL CHALLENGES FACING THE CHURCH TODAY The CCAP Nkhoma Synod is fully aware that our Christians are living in Society that is riddled by so many social challenges. Needless to say these challenges affect the Church as well. Through this letter therefore,we take this opportunity to comment on some of these social challenges