JB's appointments not inspiring

Well, I tried to write mostly about the funeral, but much of it had already been written. I would have be breaking news this afternoon about the appointments the Office of the President and Cabinet was making, but I was travelling.
But well you kept visiting the blog and you expect most of the times my opinion. I will start with first things first, the appointment of the Robert Chasowa Commission of Inquiry will help rest the matter that almost got some people attack us, but now the truth will no longer hide. I think that is one of the best appointments President Joyce Banda has made. I am still waiting for the July 20 Commission and its outcome. I do not think we should wait for the first anniversary of the death of 21 people to have the results. We need the report as soon as yesterday.
I briefly commented on the appointments of Moses Kunkuyu and Benson Tembo, but mostly I reserved my comments for an analysis after the funeral of President Bingu wa Mutharika. But anyway we are done with the funeral and all the hallucination that came with it. It was a very interesting two weeks. 
Opportunists were exposed, real politicians revealed, patriots brought forward and one day I will publish a full account of what happened on April 5, 6 and 7. Some have different feelings of the accounts published earlier, but it was all the truth.
But today, let us talk of President Joyce Banda's choice of some critical positions. The list that came out today has indicated that either there is a lot of appeasement going on or deals that will see Malawians getting angry with a Leader who promised changed when she brought her Peoples Party agenda.
How does one explain appointment of long time Ambassador Benard Sande to return into full diplomatic service when dozens of career diplomats are hanging at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Anything fresh that he will bring, I am dying to visit London very soon.
Then we have a the political disaster appointment, JOHN TEMBO Jnr. This is not only a shock but a disgrace both to President Banda and John Tembo senior. Anyway they say politicians never learn.
How can you justify the rewarding of a son to Leader of Opposition with one of highest diplomatic positions simply because the father pledges to support your policy.
Joyce Banda can have two MPs, but if she brings the ring policy, the right things from her Tiuzeni campaign, no sensible politician would shoot Government business down, lest they forget what happened in 2009 to such character of a parliamentarian.
The appointment of John Tembo, damages Banda and Tembo Snr combined, she seems not to have departed from the culture of appeasement that destroyed Muluzi and Bingu regime.
For John Tembo Snr to include his son to any deal he has made with the President it damages him greately than what ever can be a sensible arguement.
I know John Tembo Jnr is educated up to Masters Degree level and that President Muluzi sent him to Brussels around 2002 in return to his fathers support for his third term bid. JB is making the same mistake.
The issue of nepotism and tribalism in public appointments destroyed President Bingu wa Mutharika and his DPP. Tembo was one of the most vocal critics, but today when asked to submit names, the first that comes out is that of his son.
We now have Muluzi the father and Muluzi the son, all paid for by tax payers as a Former President and the other as a Parliament.
We used to have President Bingu wa Mutharika the brother and another brother Professor Peter Mutharika as a Minister and MP, all paid by tax payers money.
Now we have John Tembo the  Father and MP, and John Tembo the diplomat, both paid for by tax payers money.
Come on President Joyce Banda, there are 14 million Malawians and not only three sets of families worth to be paid for by tax payers. For JZU all his attacks on Bingu's tribalistic tendencies sounds hollow, why not send someone in the party like Louis Chimango, Portipher Chidaya or even Dyson Kamphambe Nkhoma.
There is very little difference between our politicians, once they have an opportunity, they stop thinking of Malawi first and instead they start family first.
Just as President Joyce Banda said, Malawians are not sleeping and these sharing of public positions is well documented and hated in equal measure. Others too can serve as diplomats.
Then we have Hawa Ndilowe as new deputy Chief Secretary. I have followed this womans work around, may be the President should have looked more in Civil Service, there are great women I have seen produce results among them Andrina Mcheila who retired. Mrs Ndilowe needed to understudy someone on point of decision making and diversity. Otherwise the appointment is misplaced as of now.
Finally the only appointment worth commending today is that of Charles Chuka, currently MTL CEO. I have met him several times, very honest and straight forward character. I cant wait for him to clean up the Reserve Bank.
I will write more on my expectations of President Joyce Banda, but we have started this week on a poor note, she needs to consult outside the box on her appointments.
There equally competent and educated people in her Peoples Party, she can start with them and they will bring freshness to the political landscape,
Otherwise appointment of some of these people that have been in the system for too long does not inspire some of us. Pump in freshness, intelligence and people who can add value not defend or keep the old systems.
Some of the appointees entrenched the system and I wonder how JB trusts them to change the way we do business as she declared most of times....


Just right. I expected a totally new crop of blood. I still believe that this GNU thing could have been done in a different way. I am confident that Malawians stopped long time back to be carried away by cheap politics. We are 4 issues. I think this was manifested in the way we voted in 2009. Just to cut the story short, 4 instance all those who were in DPP cabinet were not supposed 2 be part of hers. They weren't brave enough to tell Bingu the Truth and I don't expect them to tell JB anything she doesn't want to hear. The story goes on. When I look around, I see young intelligent men and women, energized & waiting 4 cleaner political platforms to work and develop Malawi
By the way congrats 4 the best blogger.

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