Khumbo Kachali, Mose Kunkuyu and Zodiak Debate one should not miss

Moses was this morning sworn in as President Banda's choice of the new Minister of Information. I am told the young man at the peak of the Hope Alliance when everybody was running away from him, he kept pushing and talking to some Members of Parliament to join him. Many opted to leave him and "his madness" as one Minister famously said.
Congratulations to Moses.
Then there is Khumbo Kachali who suddenly has become a subject of debate as to whether he qualifies to be Vice President of Malawi. I am not sure I understand the question of Khumbo, the cool giant who for long has been very open on many issues.
Nobody raised an eyebrow when Kachali was made Vice President of the Democratic Progressive Party, Chief Whip and a Cabinet Minister. Why should his elevation to manage the State be different from other roles.
After all, the Vice Presidency really depends on the President and as we saw with Joyce Banda, she was left with nothing on her plate after a pyramid of lies against her culminated into something else.
I believe Khumbo qualifies, just like he qualified to be Vice President of the two parties- the DPP and the Peoples Party.
Lastly this Friday, at 7pm Zodiak Broadcasting Corporation has organised a public debate I would not wish to miss. Defecting DPP MPs are there in large numbers so too are the public to debate the morality of their defections before their president is buried.
The debate starts at 7pm!


Gerald said…
timve atiuza chani aphungu amenewa.

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