A special opinion by Suzgo Kaluluma; Joyce Banda should take charge

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I applaud Her excellency the Vice President of Malawi and her legal advisers for taking charge of the situation that has befallen our nation.

It is irresponsible to rely on the appointed cabinet to clarify the situation for Malawi. The appointed cabinet stands to benefit from the uncertainty and the delay.

The VP is absolutely right to request her own medical confirmation of the President's state of health. As soon as she has that confirmation from medically qualified professionals, it is incumbent on her to then address the nation share that information and demonstrate true leadership. I presume she will be speaking to the Speaker of Parliament and the Chief Justice (the two other leaders of the legislative bodies of the land).

There should not be speculation, the fact of death or mentus compus is a simple matter of fact to be determined by medically trained professionals and not an appointed cabinet

Needless to say, this is a matter beyond the government spokesperson or the cabinet. The country should now look to Her excellency and she needs to act quickly. The country needs strong and unequivocal leadership.

Let us pray for a peaceful resolve to what has befallen our nation.

Suzgo Kaluluma
Solicitor Advocate
England and Wales


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