Peter, DPP new President, let Joyce Banda take over

Without confirming the death of President Bingu wa Mutharika, the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has decided to elect Foreign Affairs Minister Peter Mutharika to acting president of the party.
Inside sources indicated that three quarters of the NGC consulted before the meeting and agreed that the Vice President Joyce Banda should take over and the matter was not tabled after the leadership noted discontent.
The nomination of Peter was made by Ken Zikhale Ng'oma, Director of Campaign for the Party and supported vehemently by Vice Presidents Goodall Gondwe, Yunus Mussa and Vuwa Kaunda and Patricia Kaliati.
"The feeling is that if we flout the constition, the International Community will descend on us and all future are in jeropady. It is illegal to declare someone President outside the constituion," said a member of the NGC describing the mood as sombre.
The meeting lasted only 40 minutes. The NGC felt the issue of acting presidency should be delt with by the Cabinet. Information Minister Patricia Kaliati was supposed to address Malawians on Televison last night.
There is a need for the party to respect the republican constitution as there is no way out, nor any strategy that will work.
Otherwise the delays are causing unnecessary tension further denting our image which has been battered for the last few months.


let the law of the land apply as stipulated, but our consititution has so many loop holes and i believe that the experts of laws have observed how porus it was between the time of death of the president and the sworn in of the new president. something must be done to avoid what may be fall us next time

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