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Gogo Nalikusika: a great woman who lived humbly

The time I worked for Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), yes the State Broadcaster- I spent six years there- was the time I knew President Bakili Muluzi's home, a distance from Liwonde, very hot and somewhere where facilities were sprouting up all the time. That was Kapoloma area near Nselema in Machinga. Alongside my colleague and best friends Chancy Muloza, we could spend Christmas week at Liwonde when President Muluzi would be on short leave and we could be waiting for any news. President Muluzi's house at his home village has a small gate to the left opposite the parking lot. This gate faces a brick house he built for his mother and has a small cement pavement towards it from the house. Whenever we were broke after enjoying Liwonde night outs, we could just drive to Kapoloma and strategically place ourselves around this area, for sure President Muluzi either in the morning or any part of day, would never miss to see his mother, now late Gogo Nalikusika. As he went

Mzimba bye elections updates tomorrow from 6am

Dates for Mzimba central and southwest constituency bye elections will be here from 6am on 9 October 2012 until the official results are announced